Overview of Sumbawanga Tanzania – Education, Culture and More

Overview of Sumbawanga Tanzania – Education, Culture and More

Sumbawanga is a city in the western part of Tanzania. The city is the municipal headquarter of Sumbawanga Urban Area and doubles as the regional capital of the Rukwa Region (for more details about this can visit Sumbawanga municipal council). The city’s postal code is 55100. According to the 2002 census, Sumbawanga’s total population is roughly 150,000 people.

Wafipa Sumbawanga and the Popularity of Sumbawanga Witchcraft

The city is located in the territory of the Fipa people, and many speak Kifipa and Kiswahili, which is the most widely spoken language in the country. The city’s name literally translates to “do away with your witchcraft.” The name is believed to be a message from native spiritual healers to anyone bringing in practices and superstitions related to spiritual healers from other places. There are healers still practicing in the main town and the surrounding villages around the plateau. The government-funded Rukwa General Hospital, the biggest hospital in the region, is located in Sumbawanga. The city is also home to the Dr. Atiman Hospital, which the Catholic Diocese of Sumbawanga runs and administers.

Sumbawanga town is a commercial and supply center for Rukwa Region, and some agencies of the government are found there, including the region’s transport department. Moravian and Libori conference centres are located in Sumbawanga. A moderate-sized market is located in the center of the town where local farm produce can be found. The produce available includes poultry, fruit, fish (from Lakes Rukwa and Tanganyika), rice, and maize. Various imported electronics, bicycles, spares, and plastic goods are also available. Fuel supply is quite erratic due to the problems of transporting it from the coast. However, there are many fuel outlets.

The Sumbwaga town’s local economy largely depends on modest locally-owned enterprises and agriculture. There’s hardly any industrial production in Sumbawanga. Considerable progress could be witnessed if the road leading to Mbeya was permanently sealed to allow efficient all-weather access every time of the year. At the peak of the rainy season (February to March), the road and its extension north to Kigoma or Tabora and Mpanda can become inaccessible. The government of Tanzania has awarded contracts for the upgrading of large portions of these roads. The town is accessible by Auric Air flights. Alternatively, the town can be accessed from Mbeya by bus. Mbeya is located south of Sumbawanga and has train links to Dar es Salaam and the Zambian town of Kapiri Mposhi. Also, rail transport is available from Mpanda up north via Tabora. Mpanda has an airport, and the airport has a 2-kilometer sealed runway.


There are many colleges and schools in Sumbawanga. They include:

  1. Saint Mary’s College
  2. Sumbawanga Secondary School
  3. Mazwi Secondary School
  4. Saint Aggrey Chanji High School
  5. Msakila Secondary School
  6. Musoma Utalii College
  7. Chem Chem Teaching College
  8. Kanda Secondary School
  9. Saint Aggrey Teaching College
  10. Mafulala Secondary School
  11. Chem Chem Secondary School

Sumbwaga Sister Cities/Twin Towns

Tifariti, Morocco

Sumbawanga in Popular Culture

Sumbawanga was included on the path Charlie Booman and Ewan McGregor took during their 15,000-mile (North-South) Long Way Down motorbike trip in July 2007.

Sumbawanga Map

Sumbawanga Map
Sumbawanga Map

Other Important Things About Sumbawanga

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