Overview of Songea – History, People, Education, Administration and More-2

Overview of Songea Tanzania – History, People, Education, Administration and More

Songea is a capital In Tanzania’s southwestern Ruvuma Region. This is found on the A19 road. Songea’s population is around 203,309 and is the home of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. From 1905 to 1907, the Songea town was home to the African resistance in the period of the Maji Maji Rebellion in German East Africa.

Peramiho Benedictine Church Diocese of Songea
Peramiho Benedictine Church Diocese of Songea

Songea is poised to undergo significant financial growth in the future with the opening up of the Mtwara Corridor a few years. Expected to be the 6th fastest growing town in Africa from 2020 to 2025, with a 5.74 percent growth.

The History of Songea

Songea was among  the greatest Ngoni warriors who was hanged in 1906 in the period of the German suppression of the Maji Maji revolt. He had been excused the death sentence since he had given himself in. However, he asked to be hanged together with other Ngoni chiefs and the Germans obliged.

During the end of the 2nd World War, Songea was chosen for fast agricultural development relating to the ultimately unsuccessful groundnut scheme. There was a plan for a railway to Songea from the coast and it was included in geography textbooks for high school students during the 1950s.

Songea became a restricted area during Mozambique’s liberation war and periodically suffered air attacks from Portuguese forces. The city’s remoteness made it prone to ivory poaching, while communications stayed unreliable up to 1985 after a new road funded by the British was opened connecting it northwards to Makambako road and rail hub.

In 2006, Songea was made a municipality.

Education in Songea

The city has various educational institutions such as;

  1. Songea Girls Secondary School
  2. Peramiho School of Nursing
  3. Matogoro Teachers Colleges
  4. Peramiho Girls School
  5. Kigonsera High School
  6. Songea Boys Secondary School
  7. St Augustine University of Tanzania

Songea Administrative System

Market in Songea Tanzania
Market in Songea Tanzania

Songea has similar boundaries with Urban Songea District including being divided into wards. Songea Municipal Council is responsible for administration.

Transportation Options

  • Songea Airport – The Ruvuma Region and the town of Songea are served by Songea Airport (Codes – ICAO: HTSO, IATA: SGX ), which is located in the South side of Tanzania. West of the municipality, the airplanes runway location is about 7 km or 4.3 miles away.

On the field, there is beacon that is non-directional called Songea (Ident: SG). Here is Air Tanzania booking page if you are looking for flights to Songea.

  • MV Songea – Tanzania’s Marine Services Company Limited runs the ferry MV Songea on Lake Nyasa.

Popular Things and Frequently Asked Questions About Songea

The Famous Mineral Out of Songea – Songea Sapphire

Here are answers to the most asked questions about Songea Sapphire:

  • Songea Sapphire meaning – The place of origin of this gemstone, Songea, is where Songea Sapphire gets its name. Additionally, some truly lovely natural sapphires can be found here such as the Songea ruby and Songea sunset Sapphire. Here, sapphires are typically seen in hues of yellow, green, orange, and red (songea green Sapphire, Songea red Sapphire, Songea yellow Sapphire, Songea orange Sapphire).
    • Songea Sapphire price (Songea ruby price)- 1 carat costs between $1.00 – $1.50USD depending on the jewelry and features
    • Natural Songea Sapphire value – Faceted sapphires range in price from $20 to $30 per carat, depending on size and colour. Clean green sapphire that has undergone beryllium treatment often costs $75 to $100 per carat, whereas yellow and red-orange “Songea sapphire” pieces cost $100 to $150 per carat.
    • Songea Sapphire treatment –

Popular Organizations and/or Entities in Songea

Peramiho Hospital Songeahttps://www.eahealth.org/directory/search/organisations/st-john-peramiho-referral-hospital

St Joseph SongeaSt Joseph Facebook Page

Songea Municipal Councilhttps://songeamc.go.tz/

Popular Transportation

Super Feo SongeaSuperfeoexpress Instagram page

Songea Tanzania Map

Songea Map
Songea Map

Hotels in Songea

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Dar to Songea – 585 kilometres separate Songea from Dar es Salaam (364 miles). Songea is 953 kilometres away from Dar es Salaam by car (592 miles).

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