Swahili Food Recipe - Tanzanian Banana Soup (Mtori)

Swahili Food Recipe: Tanzanian Banana Soup (Mtori)

Mtori is indeed a banana-based sauce that developed in Tanzania’s Chagga area, near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mtori Recipe Ingredients

  •  One kilogram of beef cuts with the bones still attached.
  • Plantain bananas (unripe)ndizi matoke\bukoba eight and mnyenyere\mshare three
  •  one big potato (optional)
  •  One carrot, one large onion, one big bell pepper
  • Three tablespoons blue band/tanbond
  •  Salt to get the taste

Cooking Instructions for Mtori

  • Place the beef chunks in a pot of normal water (enough to immerse all of the beef) and cook until ready. Remove the beef from the fire and also the beef from the sauce.
  • Bananas should be peeled, sliced, cut into bits, and washed. Salt a banana and place it in a water pan. Toss the carrots, onions, and bell pepper into a banana pan.
  • Cook until the bananas are soft. Check and mix the plantains frequently to ensure that they are tender.
  • Remove the boiling plantains from the fire and, while introducing the beef soup, blend\crush the banana with your hands to soften it.
  • While smashing the banana, add the tanbond\blueband. Add more sauce until it reaches the required consistency, then put the meat into the mtori.
  • Mtori should be served with pepper and lime.

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