Fastjet Tanzania – History,  Destination, Cargo, Fleet and More

Fastjet Tanzania – History,  Destination, Cargo, Fleet and More

Fastjet Tanzania, otherwise called Fastjet Airlines Limited (Tanzania), was minimum budget airline that carried out its operations  in Tanzania as part of the Fastjet brand. The company was formed in 2011 and named fly40 Tanzania but was renamed Fastjet Tanzania in 2022 following the take over of Fly540. The airline was situated in Dar Es Salaam. In its debut operational  year, the Fastjet Airlines Tanzania served over 350,000 people and as of December 2014, it had sold a million seats. The airline was liquified on 25th November 2019.

 ICAO IATA Callsign


Formed 2011 then known as Fly540 Tanzania
AOC # 138
Started operations 29th November 2012 under the name Fastjet Tanzania
Bases of operation Julius Nyerere International Airport
Ceased operations 25 November 2019
Size of fleet 4
Head office Dar Es Salaam, Samora Avenue, Samora Tower, ground floor.
Destinations 8
Parent company Fastjet Plc
Fastjet Tanzania Website (Book a flight & find prices) http://www.fastjet.come/


History of Fastjet Tanzania

The airline was formed in 2011 and was then known as Fly540 Tanzania, and was a branch of Fly540 based in Kenya.  Using the aircraft Dash 8-100 and Bombardier CRJ100, Fastjet Tanzania operated flights to two destinations in Kenya and eight in Tanzania.

Fast foward to June 2012, Rubicon Diversified Investments acquired Fly540, intending to merge the operations of Fly540 with its new investment Fastjet. Operations of Fastjet were suspended on 13th October 2012 prior to being rebranded to Fastjet.

Fastjet Tanzania began its operations and became the first Fastjet’s base in the continent, the airline commenced its flights on 28th November 2012 from Julius Nyerere International Airport. Initially, flights successfully operated between Kilimanjaro region and Dar Es Salaam as well as between Mwanza and Dar Es Salaam. More routes were soon added, both domestic and to several other destinations within East Africa. As of August 2015, the airline had expanded and was operating domestic routes which linked Dar Es Salaam to Kilimanjaro, Mbeya Mwanza, as well as for international routes linking Dar Es Salaam City to Harare, Johannesburg, Entebbe, Lusaka and Lilongwe.

Julius Nyerere International Airport

Ultimately, Fastjet Tanzania went bankrupt and was rendered insolvent, with the appointment of a liquidator done on 21st December 2019.

Fastjet Tanzania Corporate Affairs

Ownership of Fastjet Tanzania

Initially, Fastjet Plc owned 49 per cent of Fastjet Tanzania. In November 2014, Fastjet plc announced that it had made an agreement that saw them selling some of Fastjet Tanzania’s interest to investors in the country. Buying of shares raised the Tanzanian beneficial and legal ownership Fastjet Tanzania up to fifty-one per cent.

Fastjet Tanzania Business Trends

Fastjet Tanzania started trading on 29th November 2012, with the financial outcome being incorporated into the accounts of Fastjet Plc. As of the year ending 31st December, some of the Tanzanian operation information had already been availed .

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Turnover (US$ m) 3.60 26.10 53.80 64.60 59.70
Number of aeroplanes (at year-end) 3 3 3 5 3
Losses/profits post-tax (US$ m) -11.9 -21.9 -22.5 -24.5 -45.0
Passenger load factor (%) 78.90* 72.50 73.30 66.7 n/a*
Number of passengers (m) 0.03 0.37 0.60 0.78 n/a*

Note:* load factors and passenger numbers are published at the Group level only.

Fastjet Tanzania Head Office

Fastjet Tanzania has its headquarters at Samora Avenue in Dar Es Salaam.

Fastjet Tanzania Contacts:

Fastjet Tanzania Routes

The destinations listed below were served by Fastjet Tanzania by March 2018.

* Base
** Terminated route
*** Future
Country City ICAO IATA Airport
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam HTDA DAR Julius Nyerere International Airport (*)
Tanzania Moshi and Arusha HTKJ JRO Kilimanjaro International Airport
Uganda Entebbe HUEN EBB Entebbe International Airport (** terminated 3rd Dec 2016)
Zimbabwe Harare FVHA HRE Harare International Airport
Tanzania Kigoma HTKA TKQ Kigoma Airport
South Africa Johannesburg FAOR JNB OR Tambo International Airport (** terminated d 15th Jan 2017)
Malawi Lilongwe FWKI LLW Lilongwe International Airport (**terminated 8th Feb 2016)
Tanzania Mbeya HTGW       – Songwe Airport
Zambia Lusaka FLKK LUN Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Comoros Moroni FMCH HAH Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport
Kenya Nairobi HKJK NBO Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (**terminated d 3rd Dec 2016)
Tanzania Zanzibar City HTZA ZNZ Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (**)
Tanzania Mwanza HTMW MWZ Mwanza Airport


Fastjet Tanzania signed a contract with BidAir Cargo, one of the largest cargo dealers in Africa, to transport cargo on the airline’s Airbus A319s fleet.

Boeing 737 owned by BidAir Cargo parked at the airport waiting for Cargo
Boeing 737 owned by BidAir Cargo parked at the airport waiting for Cargo


The fleet of Fastjet Tanzania by June 2017 was made up of the following airplanes: 

Fleet of Fastjet Tanzania

Aircraft Orders In service Carrying capacity Notes
 Embraer 190 2 100 June 2019
ATR 72-600 3 70
Total 3 2    

Fastjet Tanzania Booking

Fastjet Tanzania online booking system is available to make your task easier at the comfort of your own mobile phone or home –

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