Quick Insight - Azam Marine and Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries

Quick Insight: Azam Marine Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Dar es Salaam

Azam Marine and Coastal Ferries are adapting to meet the needs of international tourists for fast and comfortable ferry service as travelers, backpackers, and sightseers discover Tanzania’s beauty.

This company has committed to modernizing and maintaining its fleets to keep up with the rapid advancements in water transportation. For the benefit of international tourists, Tanzanians, and businessmen, Azam Marine built the air-conditioned catamarans in Australia to its specifications.

Modern communication and navigation equipment and stringent safety equipment are installed on every ship in the fleet. Highly skilled and experienced crew members are on hand.

In Tanzania, Azam Marine and Coastal Fast Ferries have implemented an advanced online ticketing system for passengers for the first time. As long as a user has an internet connection, our system can be accessed anywhere.

The Azam Marine directors are one of Tanzania’s most dynamic contemporary businessmen, Said Salim Bakhresa, who owns and manages several different businesses. While Mr. Bakhresa, despite his global outlook, is devoted to his native Zanzibar, which explains the boom in tourism on the island. Tourists aren’t just drawn to the year-round pleasant weather or the beaches of the city’s history, architecture, and culture. As stated by Mr. Bakhresa in the service manifesto, “the people who are true in their hearts are happy, and it is a friendly and calm society.”.

With Zanzibar and the Serengeti, Lake Victoria, and the incomparable Mount Kilimanjaro on the mainland, Tanzania is poised as a major player in the worldwide travel scene. Zanzibar stands on its own as an unusual tourist destination.

Azam Marine Zanzibar Cargo Services


Azam Marine ferry transports autos between the mainland and the island.

Transporting Loose Cargos

Azam Marine fast ferries move bulky items with our flatbed vessels for businesses and individuals.

Passengers and Cargos

Passengers and freight are transported between Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, Pemba, and Tanga by Azam Marine Sea Link 1 and Azam Sea Link 2. There are vessels in our fleet that are only available on-demand and do not follow a set route. As long as both parties are on board, these ships can deliver commodities wherever in Africa.

On-Demand Access to Vessels

Charters of these two vessels can be arranged at the customer’s request; a wide range of items can be transported by the vessels, including containers, loose cargo, and hazardous materials. All of our vessels are covered during the cruise against any potential risks. We have a team of highly trained, experienced, and equipped crew members to ensure your safety. Both Azam Marine Sealink 1 and 2 are capable of hauling 40 and 50 trucks, respectively, in addition to a substantial volume of unsecured freight. Cargo can be transported up to 1,200 tonnes on the MV Comoro. Three hundred tonnes of cargo can be transported by the MV Khadija.

Azam Marine Ferry Prices for Passengers

Azam Marine Royal Class
Azam Marine Royal Class

Economy Class: Azam Marine prices for RESIDENTS

  1. Tshs 25,000 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. Tshs 15,000 = Kids (Under the age of ten).

Economy Class: NON-RESIDENTS

  1. $35 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. $25 = Kids (Under the age of ten).

Business Class: RESIDENTS

  1. Tshs 35,000 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. Tshs 35,000 = Kids (Under the age of ten).

Business Class: NON-RESIDENTS

  1. $40 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. $40 = Kids (Under the age of ten).


  1. Tshs 60,000 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. Tshs 60,000 = Kids (Under the age of ten).


  1. $60 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. $60 = Kids (Under the age of ten).

Azam Marine Royal Class: RESIDENTS

  1. Tshs 80,000 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. Tshs 80,000 = Kids (Under the age of ten).


  1. $80 = Adult (Over the Age of ten)
  2. $80 = Kids (Under the age of ten).

See options for Booking Azam Marine ferry below.

Azam Marine Booking Online

For all your Azam marine kilimanjaro 7 booking visit the official page https://azammarine.com/booknow/

Or instead of doing your Azam marine online booking, you can reach out directly to the nearest location Azam marine ferry booking office to you.

Azam Marine Contacts

Azam Marine Dar es Salaam

Address: Tanzania’s Azam Marine Kilimanjaro 7 Fast Ferries are located in Sokoine Drive, Opposite St. Joseph Cathedral, in Dar es Salaam.

P.O. Box: 2517,

Phone: +255 22 2123324,

Email: info@azammarine.com.

Other Important Things to Know About Azam Marine

Azam marine timetable / Azam marine schedulehttps://azammarine.com/booknow/

Azam marine jobs – At the moment the official Azammarine website does not have a careers page, but we recommend you contact them directly using the above contact information provided and hopefully you may get better directions on finding any available jobs (if there are any)

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