Tanzanian National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Quick Overview of the Tanzanian National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

What is NSSF in Tanzania?

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is the Tanzanian government agency tasked with the collection, responsible investment, safekeeping, and distributing retirement benefits of workers in all sectors of the economy who are not included in the pension schemes of the government. The country has two other organizations of pension funds; the Parastatal Pension Fund for all government parastatals employees and the Public Service Pensions Fund for all workers directly under the government.

The NSSF was formed in 1997 after the collapse of the National Provident Fund (NPF). All employers in the country are covered by the NSSF and participation of both employees and employers is mandatory. It is both a provident and a pension fund.

History of NSSF Tanzania

The social security scheme started back in 1964 when NPF handled all social security issues. The National Provident Fund Act was created in 1964 followed by an amendment in 1968. In 1997, the NPF became dysfunctional and was replaced with the NSSF by the 1997 act No. 28.

About NSSF Corporate Affairs and NSSF Organization Structure

Management and Ownership

NSSF is fully owned by the Tanzanian government and is among the country’s four social security funds. The other social security funds are the Public Service Pension Fund, the Parastatal Pension Fund, and the Local Authority Pension Fund. All the finances were initially limited to different sectors of the workforce. However, the 2000s saw the liberalization of regulations and all funds being ordered to enroll workers in both the informal and formal sectors.

Board Members

The fund is under the management of a twelve-member board, excluding the director-general. All members of the board have to be nationals of Tanzania, and no member of the board may hold an executive position. There are three specialized communities on the board which manage operations: the Audit Committee, the Staff Committee, and the Investment and Finance Committee.

NSSF Head quarters in Dar es salaam located at the Benjamin William Mkapa Pension Tower
NSSF Head quarters in Dar es salaam located at the Benjamin William Mkapa Pension Tower

Business Trends

Most of the revenue of NSSF comes from employer and employee contributions. The scheme is mandatory and is funded by contributions of 20% of the salaries of the employees, with the employees and the employers both paying half of it.

The crucial NSSF trends for 2007 to 2011 are listed below ( as of June 30):

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Amount Collected (Tshs Mil) 162,379 205,385 255,271 300,089 356,512
Benefits Paid (Tshs Mil) 50,522 81,818 85,120 110,135 136,596
Registered Employers 408,970 447,797 475,993 506,218 521,629
Registered Employees 14,927 15,560 16,592 17,666 18,779

Tanzania NSSF Headquarters

The head office of the NSSF is located in Dar es Salaam at Benjamin Mkapa Pension Towers. The building was initially called Mafuta House. The agency has an office in all regional capitals and all main cities.


Investment Portofolio

Composition of NSSF Investment Portfolio
Composition of NSSF Investment Portfolio

The investment policy of the NSSF  requires it to invest 75% of its annual resources. Traditionally, the fund invests in fixed deposits, government securities, loans, corporate bonds, real estate, and equities. The majority of the investments are in government securities and loans and a big percentage of earnings is obtained from interests. Recently, the agency has taken on multi-billion construction projects in different regions of Tanzania and has begun investing heavily in real estate.

Investment Portfolio of NSSF 2006/07 – 2010/11

Investment (Tshs Million) 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11
Corporate Bond 12,755 10,804 8,054 6,418 800
Fixed Deposits 35,545 68,298 145,292 180,963 161,711
Loans 117,315 182,251 283,949 386,763 453,403
Equity 96,911 61,047 62,988 69,303 77,999
Real Estate 108,292 182,908 198,558 200,440 251,538
Government Securities 159,832 164,969 158,838 185,316 271,171
Total Investment 530,652 670,280 857,681 1,029,206 1,216,624

NSSF TZ Major Real-Estate Projects

Kigamboni Bridge

The bridge is a venture jointly undertaken by the NSSF(60%) and the Tanzanian Government(40%). It is 680 metres long and links Kigamboni to Kurasini in Dar es Salaam. Moreover, the funds involve upgrading the surrounding highway infrastructure to minimize congestion. The bridge is approximated to cost $140 million, with operations set to begin in early 2016. It will have a toll plaza and is the first toll road in Tanzania. NSSF’s goal is to recoup its investment via toll booth collections.

Dege Ecovillage

The village is among the biggest investment projects undertaken by NSSF. The satellite township is situated in the Kigamboni area and covers 300 acres. The estate will have an excess of 7000 homes and is projected to be finished in 2017. It will also have supermarkets, schools, various amenities, and security infrastructure. The project is a joint investment between the NSSF and Azimino Estate Housing Limited and is worth $544.

The NSSF admitted to fraud in 2016 for the project.

Other Important Information and Frequent Asked Questions About NSSF

  • NSSF Tanzania online
    • How to register for NSSF online – NSSF portal Tanzania (NSSF login): 

There are 2 main NSSF Tanzania login options to focus on when it comes to NSSF online registration:

  • NSSF Tanzania contacts

NSSF headquarters, NSSF Dar es salaam

National Social Security Fund

P.O.Box 1322,

Benjamin Mkapa Pension Towers,

Azikiwe St,

Dar Es Salaam,


NSSF Arusha

Mafao House

Arusha, Tanzania

  • NSSF email address – dg@nssf.or.tz
  • NSSF benefits:

NSSF Tanzania benefits include but not limited to the following:

For more benefits of NSSF consult the official website https://www.nssf.go.tz/

  • NSSF housing projects Tanzania / NSSF real estate projects:

Among the housing NSSF projects, the agency has also implemented and continue to maintain the Nyerere Bridge project

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  • www nssf or tz – The popular search terms in Google to get most of the pages related to NSSF Tanzania


National Social Security Fund Tanzania NSSF Logo
National Social Security Fund Tanzania NSSF Logo

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