Azam FC Snapshot - History, Players, Achievements and More

Azam FC Snapshot: History, Players, Achievements and More

Azam Football Club is a Tanzanian Premier League team based in Temeke, Chamazi, Dar es Salaam, Temeke, Tanzania.  Azam FC was created in 2004 as Mzizima Football Club, and in 2005, renamed Azam Sports Club, and then, in 2006, renamed Azam Football Club. In 2010, it moved to Azam Complex Chamazi, its present stadium. It is known as “the Bakers, Wana Lambalamba, or the Chamazi Millionaires.”

Azam FC score include winning a total of ten trophies, including 1 Premier League, 5 Mapinduzi Cups, 2 Kagame Cups, 1 Azam Sports Federation Cup, as well as 1 Community Shield.

Azam FC went undefeated in the 2013/2014 season, becoming only the second club (1st was Simba SC in 2009/2010) to do so.

From matchday 18 of the 2012/2013 season to matchday 4 of the 2014/2015 season, Azam FC went on an undefeated run of 26 games in the league. In 2015, it was the first Tanzanian cub to lift the Kagame Cup while conceding no goals in the competition.

Azam FC is among Tanzania’s most popular soccer clubs. Its rivals are Simba SC, Yanga SC, African Lyon and, Mtibwa Sugar FC.


Azam FC Vs Kagera Sugar

Both teams have had success in recent years, but it is hard to say which team is definitively better. Azam FC has won the league title more times than Kagera Sugar, but Kagera Sugar has won the cup competition more times. 

Azam FC Vs Mbeya City FC

Azam FC is undoubtedly the more experienced team, with a core group of players that have been together for many years. Mbeya City FC, on the other hand, is a relatively new team but has already shown that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Azam FC Vs Simba SC

Azam FC vs Simba FC, which is better? Both have a strong history, and they have both achieved success in recent years.

That being said, if we had to choose one team, we would choose Azam FC. They have a slightly better record than Simba SC, and they have consistently performed at a high level. Additionally, they have a strong youth system, which suggests that they will continue to be a top team in the years to come.

Azam FC Vs Tanzania Prisons

Tanzania Prisons has been the more successful team in recent years, but Azam FC has a longer history.

Simba Vs Azam FC

Simba FC vs Azam FC teams have had their share of success in recent years, and both have loyal fanbases. For a team with a more consistent record, then Simba is probably the better choice. However, Azam FC is a team with more passionate fan choice.

Yanga Vs Azam FC

When it comes to Azam FC Vs Yanga, Yanga FC is one of the oldest and most successful teams in Tanzania. They’ve won the league title a record 21 times, and they’re the only team from Tanzania to ever make it to the Africa Cup of Winners’ Cup final. Yanga is also one of the most popular teams in the country, with a large and passionate fan base. Azam Tigers FC is a relatively new team, having only been founded in 2007. However, they’ve quickly become one of the most successful teams in Tanzania, winning the league title three times. Azam is also one of the most popular teams in the country.

Other past tournaments with Azam FC include; KMC FC Azam FC and Ruvu shooting vs Azam FC.

Azam FC Logo 

The Azam FC logo is based on the flag of Tanzania, with the club’s name written in blue and white. The logo also features a football in the centre, with the club’s initials ‘AFC’ written in it. The Azam FC logo is also one of the most recognized and iconic logos in Tanzania, making it a true symbol of the club and its city. 

Azam FC Initial Years (2004 to 2005)

Azam FC was created on July 23, 2004, under the name Mzizima FC. It was founded by the employees of the Mzizima milling plant for wheat flour, which is controlled by the Said Salim Bakhresa (SSB) cluster of companies and is located at Banda la Ngozi on Nyerere Road, in Dar Es Salaam’s Ilala.

Said Salim Bakhresa
Said Salim Bakhresa

Hafidh Salim (who went on to become the 1st Chairperson), Seif Kiwile Mshamu, Ali Mlungula, Athuman Kikila, Chuli Ramadhan, Babu Ayubu, and Mohamed Makununi Saad came up with the idea for Mzizima FC. Abubakar Mapwisa, Twaib Chuma Suleiman, Seleman Mabehewa, Seif Mohamed’King,’ Idrissa Nassor ‘Father,’ Abdallah Hassan, and Ibrahim Jeshi, joined them after that. They formed the Azam FC solely for fun and relaxation after long days at work, in order to better their social lives, well-being, and health.

They needed a training area and approached Tanzania Railways Limited (TRC), who agreed to let them utilize the open space located at Ilala Goods Shed. The job of leveling the land began right away after being given the go-ahead by TRC.

They named the stadium ‘Surulele’ inspired by the iconic National Stadium in Nigeria’s Lagos, where the Taifa Stars competed in the 1980 AFCON.

The area provided an opportunity for the players, most of whom were also employees, to demonstrate their abilities. The first-ever Azam FC squad included Nassor Idrissa, Salva Mayola, Salum Kakolo, Ali Dosho, Mjomba Akili, Gabriel Manyoronga Sebastian, Mohamed Kikuni, Salehe Hillary, Tebela, Mussa Lumbi, Zabron Mihangi, Hatibu Katoto, Hamis Jafar, Amiri Rashid, Ibrahim Jaluo, Mbaraka Shaaban ‘cantona’, Abbas Kuka, Hassan Jeba, Amin Abdulkarim ‘Popat’, Mussa Juma, Said Nachikongo, Faraj Ismail, James Kilongola Adriano, and Mazaila Athuman.

Ilala Champions 2005

Mzizima FC entered the official league in 2005 after entering division four, having played friendly matches only. Division four is the lowest official league in the football pyramid of Tanzania, and it is organized by the football associations of several districts. Mzizima FC, based in the Ilala area, participated in the Ilala District League, organized by the District Football Association of Ilala, which was held from 1st to 28th May, at Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School pitch in Ilala.

Mzizima FC advanced to the final, where they defeated Ndanda FC from Misheni Kota, Dar e Salaam’s Kariakoo 2-1, with Mussa Lumbi scoring a brace, with the Ilala MP Hon Mussa Hassan in attendance.

SSB’s Managing Director, Mr. Bakhresa Abubabar, presented the Azam FC formerly known as the Mzizima FC squad with a check for 330,000/= as prize money for winning the tournament.

In the 2006 season, Mzizima FC was promoted to the regional league of Dar es Salaam (tier three) as a result of the win.

Azam Sports Club

Other industries owned by SSB also had their football teams. In 2005, all the teams agreed to unite with Mzizima SC in order to make a stronger club, following the advice of Abubabar Bakhresa. The teams included TAZARA – Buguruni (Mineral Water Industry & Wheat Flour Milling), Kipawa (Bakery & Biscuits), and Vingunguti (Omary Garage & Packaging).

They opted to hold a tournament for all the teams in order to assist in choosing players for a new team. The tournament was held at Ukonga’s Airwing ground. Kipawa FC and Mzizima FC qualified for the final. However, the game was called off after Kipawa challenged the referee.

After the contested competition, each team kept its status, but after some time, some players deserted other teams to join Mzizima FC in response to Mr. Abubakar Bakhresa’s demand. Id Abubakary and Luckson Kakolaki of Kipawa were among them. This resulted in Mzizima SC being stronger and the other teams becoming weaker, and they eventually gave in and agreed to unite with Mzizima FC and form a single team.

Azam is the umbrella name of the SSB group of firms, therefore the newly established squad took on the name Azam Sports Club on October 28, 2005.

2006 Azam Football Club

Azam FC was promoted to the regional league of Dar es Salaam (level 3) after winning the championship in Ilala District (level 4) in 2005. The regional competition, however, proved to be a challenge for the Azam FC team, which was wholly made up of company employees.

There was a need to strengthen the team, which necessitated hiring fresh players besides the company’s employees. The new players were instrumental in the team’s promotion to the 2nd level for the 2007 season. But it began another era, as the Azam FC club started to pay players money just for playing football, signaling the club’s professionalization.

Azam Sports Club became a fully professional club on June 6, 2006, and commemorated the transition by eliminating the word “Sports Club” and adopting “Football Club.” The club’s official name has been Azam Football Club since that day.

Players signed for the 2007 Azam FC season included Shekhan Rashid, Seleman Matola, Kasimu Kilungo, Daud Jumane, Juma Assey, James Adrian, Boniface Pawasa, Makame ‘Vigema,’ Alimu Chilumbe, and Heri Pazi. Others included Steven Nyenge and Kamba Luffo.

These players strengthened the team by bringing a wealth of international and local football expertise.

Premier League Promotion

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) stated in April of 2006 that the league calendar and system would be changed beginning in 2007. The old calendar, which ran from January to December, would be replaced by one that ran from August to May. TFF arranged a mini-league (LIGI NDOGO) to acquire representatives in African events for 2007 (since CAF still employed the February to November calendar).

All other leagues below the Premier League were to be dismantled, and a new competition known as the National League would take their place. This tournament is intended to run concurrently from the district to the national level. Promotion to the Premier League was achieved at the national level. Under the new format, a team can be founded and earn a promotion to the Tanzania Premier League all in one season.

As a result, when the 2007 season began, Azam FC was forced to go back to the district level from division two in order to compete in the new tournament. Azam FC began its matches in the Ilala District, where their first match was against Cosmopolitan at Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School, which they lost 2-0. John Bocco, aged 17, scored all of the goals.

Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School
Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School

Azam FC eventually qualified for regional competition and signed Bocco then enrolled him in the team for the remainder of the season. They also signed 16-year-old Salum Abubakary alias ‘Sure Boy’.

Azam FC made it all the way to the national level for the promotion play-offs. Musoma and Dodoma served as play-off centers, with Azam FC based in Dodoma.

The teams in their group were Mbagala Market, Uyole Mbeya’s Kijiweni FC, and Majimaji FC. Mbwana Samatta, who was 17 years old, was part of the Mbagala Market team. They drew with Mbagala Market in a tight match, and it served as a reminder of two previous regional encounters, both of which ended in draws.

That marked the start of a fierce rivalry between Mbagala Market and Azam FC. The first team to defeat Azam FC at their azam FC stadium, Azam Complex Chamazi was Mbagala Market, currently known as African Lyon. After two wins (2-0 over Majimaji and 3-0 over Kijiweni) and a stalemate draw with Mbagala Market, the Azam FC was promoted, having gained seven points.

The club’s promotion was confirmed on 27 July 2008, when John Bocco scored two free-kicks in a 2-0 win against Majimaji FC.

Azam FC has finished in the top three every season since its promotion, with the exception of 2008/2009 (8th) and 2016/2017 (4th).

Azam Fc results today

Azam FC is a professional football club based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The club competes in the Tanzanian Premier League, the top tier of Tanzanian football. Azam FC is one of the most successful football clubs in Tanzania and has a large fan base. The club’s home ground is the Azam Complex in Dar es Salaam. Azam FC news today results can be found on the club’s official Azam fc website, on social media platforms such as azam fc Twitter and Facebook, and on various football websites.

Badge and colors

Azam FC Achievements

  1. Five Mapinduzi cups

They won in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2013, 2012

  1. CECAFA club championship

Champions in 2018 and 2015

  1. Tanzania Premier League

Champions in 2013/2014

Azam FC Players

This is the list of Azam FC players as of August 19 2021

No Player Nationality Pos
1 Mathias Kigonya Uganda GK
2 Abdul Omari Haji ‘Hamahama’ Tanzania DF
3 Daniel Amoah Ghana DF
4 Yvan Lionnel Mballa Mboudou Cameroon DF
5 Lusajo Mwaikenda Tanzania DF
6 Morris Aggrey ‘chacha’ Tanzania DF
7 Ayoub Lyanga Tanzania MF
8 Sure Boy Tanzania MF
9 Charles Zulu Zambia MF
10 Rodgers Kola Zambia FW
11 Ismail Kader Aziz Tanzania MF
12 Never Tigere Zimbabwe MF
13 Peter Paul Kasunda Tanzania FW
14 Nicholas Wakiro Wadada Uganda DF
15 Edward Manyama Charles Tanzania DF
16 Ali Suleiman Ahmed ‘Salula’ Tanzania GK
17 Sospeter Bajana Israel Previously David Nkulula Braison Tanzania MF
18 Domayo Frank ‘chumvi’ Tanzania MF
19 Paul Katema Zambia MF
20 Khlefin Hamdoun ‘Finito’ Tanzania MF
21 Omary Zayd Yahya Tanzania MF
22 Tepsie Evans Tanzania MF
23 Suleiman Iddy ‘Iddy’ Tanzania MF
24 Idris Mbombo Ilunga DRC MF
25 Kheri Abdallah ‘Sebo’ Tanzania DF
26 Bruce Kangwa Tanzania DF
27 Mudathir Yahya Tanzania MF
28 Kenneth Mugambi Muguna ‘Junior’ Kenya MF
29 Prince Dube Mpumelelo Zimbabwe FW
30 Valentino Kusengama Mashaka Tanzania FW
31 Zuberi Foba Tanzania GK
32 Wilbol Maseke Tanzania GK

Present Technical Bench

Nationality Name Role
USA Abdihamid Moalin Coach
England Abdikarim Nasser Omar Assistant Coach
Tanzania Idd Abubakary Coach- Goalkeeping
Uganda Nyasha Charandura Conditioning and Fitness coach
Tanzania Mwankemwa Mwanandi Team doctor
Tanzania Madege Vincent Physio
Tanzania Nzawila Yusuph Kit manager
Tanzania Hamis Jumapili Salehe Assistant kit manager
Tanzania Luckson Kakolaki Team manager

Players Out on Loan

Position Player Nationality Loaning club
GK David Mapigano Robert ‘Kissu’ Tanzania Namungo FC
GK Benedict Haule Tanzania TZ Prisons
DF Oscar Masai Tanzania Mtibwa Sugar
DF Said Gadafi Ramadhan Tanzania Pan Africa
DF Bakary Abilai Tanzania African Lyon
DF Charles Emmanuel Lukinda Tanzania Namungo FC
DF Laurent Alfred Tanzania Polisi Tanzania
DF Hassan Banda Omary Tanzania KMC FC
DF Amiry Njeru Said Tanzania Transit Camp
DF Amos Samwel Ndumieni Tanzania Transit Camp FC
DF Salum Abdallah Madirisha Tanzania Biashara United Mara
MF Jackson Samwel Onditi Tanzania Ihefu FC
MF Ally Awesu Tanzania KMC FC
MF Rashid Mustapher Nankuku Tanzania Transit Camp
DF John WIlbert Mkimbu Tanzania Ken Gold
FW Bahati Idd Kipagwile Tanzania KMC FC
FW Andrew Simchimba Tanzania Ihefu FC

Under 20

No Player Pos Nationality
35 Awilo Ally Ausy GK Tanzania
48 Bakari Bravo Mohamed GK Tanzania
32 Yassin Amiss Athuman GK Tanzania
50 Gaudence Pascal Msindo DF Tanzania
55 Kassim Ally Abdullah DF Tanzania
40 Mohamed Twalib Noor DF Tanzania
43 James Edward Nestory MF Tanzania
44 Genilson Enzo Timotheo MF Tanzania
60 Ally Jamal Jaku MF Tanzania
58 Jumanne Abdullah Said FW Tanzania
65 Yussuf Ismail Rashid FW Tanzania
56 Issa Ibrahim Athuman FW Tanzania
35 Bashiru Ashraf Malolo FW Tanzania
31 Benard Castory Paul FW Tanzania

Under 17

No Player Pos Nationality
68 Salum Ramadhan Mzenga GK Tanzania
88 Idd Salim GK Tanzania
75 Hassan Ally Abdullah GK Tanzania
84 Phares Emmanuel DF Tanzania
62 Thabiti Majandilu DF Tanzania
85 Shabaan Ashraf Kibeku DF Tanzania
63 Ramadhan Yassin MF Tanzania
61 Arafati Masoud MF Tanzania
67 Joseph Gaby Phundumo MF Tanzania
66 Abdulkarim Khasim FW Tanzania
64 Ally Mohamed FW Tanzania
70 David Chiwalango FW Tanzania
72 Daud Said FW Tanzania
77 Cyprian Kachwelo FW Tanzania
82 Daniel Kamoga Ndalo FW Tanzania
74 Amos Nada FW Tanzania
80 Feisal Hawani FW Tanzania
79 Talk Mohamed FW Tanzania
78 Anthony Remmy FW Tanzania

Present Youth Technical Bench

Role Name Nationality
Head Coach under 20 Mussa Rashid Tanzania
Head Coach under 17 Mohamed Badru Tanzania
Assistant Yonatus John Matambara Tanzania
Goal Keepers Coach Hashim Mwalo Ilunga Tanzania
Team Doctor Twalib Mbaraka Tanzania
Kit Manager Ernest Mtungujo Tanzania
Assistant Kit Manager Shaaban Mbaraka Jangama ‘Cantona’ Tanzania
Team Manager Said Rashid Mgunya Tanzania

Managerial History

Manager Nationality Period
Athuman Kikila Tanzania 2004
Seif Mohamed ‘King’ Tanzania 2004 – 2008
Neidar Dos Santos Brazil 2008 -2009
Itamar Amorin Brazil 2009 – 2010
Marsh Sylvester (Caretaker) Tanzania 2010
John Stewart Hall England 2010 -2012
Nagul Vivek (Caretaker) India 2012
Boris Bunjak Serbia 2012
John Stewart Hall England 2012 -2013
Joseph Omog Cameroon 2013 -2015
Nisimbe George ‘Best’ (Interim Coach) Uganda 2015
John Stewart Hall England 2015 -2016
Zeben Hernandez Spain 2016
Aristica Cioaba Romania 2017 to 2018
Van der Pluijm Hans Netherlands 2018 – 2019
Abdul Mstaafu Mingange (Temporary Coach) Tanzania 2019
Etienne Ndayiragije Burundi 2019
Aristica Cioaba Romania 2019 – 2020
George Lwandamina Zambia 2020 to 2021
Abihamid Moallin USA 2021 (Care taker)
Abdihamid Moalin USA 2021 (Head Coach)


Year Name Nationality
2014 to 2017 Kawemba Saad Byemba Tanzania
2017 to 2018 Abdul Mohamed Tanzania
2018 to now MohamedAmin Abdulkarim Nurdin ‘Popat’ Tanzania

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