Saida Karoli Biography – Background, Discography and More

Saida Karoli Biography – Background, Discography and More

Saida Karoli Early Life

Born on 4 April 1976, Saida Karoli is a Tanzanian performer and singer who has performed Saida Karoli songs  live in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya,  Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Saida Karoli Akatambala was born in Rwongwe in 1976, a tiny town in Bukoba of northern Tanzania’s Kagera District on Lake Victoria’s western shore.

Saida Karoli Music Career and Style

Saida Karoli Best of Saida Karoli

“Maria Salome,” a track from Saida Karoli kaisiki debut album Chambua kama Karanga, was the third most popular song on Tanzanian radio. Following Saida Karoli Maria Salome song’s breakthrough in Uganda, she became known as Wanchekecha, a moniker taken from the Saida Karoli maria salome lyrics. Saida Karoli has performed Maria Salome saida karoli lyrics for the Kabaka of Buganda and during the Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar. She was recently nominated for several awards at the Kora All-African Music Awards.

Saida Karoli music is regarded as “natural” in style, with soothing voices and hypnotically repetitive rhythms. Saida Karoli all songs lyrics include significant Swahili (the prevalent East African language) and a rare line in English, even though she sings predominantly in Haya, which is her native tongue. Felician Mutta, the Chief Executive Officer of FM Productions LTO, is her manager.

Saida Karoli Tanzania Harusi album was nominated for Best Folk Album at the 2005 Tanzania Music Awards, and she was nominated for Best Female Vocalist at the 2006 Tanzania Music Awards. Her song “Maria Salome” was included in the Tyler Perry-directed film Peeples in 2013. Diamond Platnumz gave her royalties in 2016 for recreating Saida Karoli salome song, Salome.

Saida Karoli Songs Mp3 Download

Saida Karoli is a popular singer from Tanzania. She has released many saida karoli video hit songs and has a large fan base. If you are a fan of saida karoli mp3 music, you may be looking for ways to download saida karoli old songs.

There are a few different ways saida karoli engonzi mp3 download can be done. One way is to search for Saida Karoli songs mdundo download or on a music website like iTunes or Amazon Music. Saida Karoli akatambala audio download and Saida Karoli maria salome mp3 download are also available on Another way is to search for saida karoli songs download video on YouTube.

Once you have found the saida karoli songs mp3 file you want to download, you can then save it to your computer or device. For saida karoli download from iTunes or Amazon Music, you will need to have an account with them in order to download the saida karoli audio song. If you are downloading from saida karoli youtube page, you can usually download the video by clicking on the Saida Karoli songs tajiri mp3 download” button below the video.

Saida Karoli Discography

Akatambala Ft. Baliruno K. Hanson (2018)

Nelly (2008)

Mimi Nakupenda (2005)

Harusi (2004)

Mapenzi Kizunguzungu Saida Karoli (2003)

Chambua kama Karanga (Maria Salome) (2001)

Songs by Saida Karoli

Saida Karoli music is a mix of traditional Tanzanian music with modern pop and R&B influences. She is known for her powerful and emotive singing voice. Karoli’s music has been praised by critics and she has won several awards, including the African Muzik Magazine Award for Best Female Artist from East Africa.

If you are a fan of Saida Karoli or simply interested in learning more about her music, then this list is for you. It contains some of her most popular songs, as well as a few lesser-known ones that are definitely worth a listen.

  • Saida Karoli kitobero
  • Saida Karoli orugambo
  • Kaisiki by Saida Karoli
  • Orugambo Saida Karoli
  • Saida Karoli baba tajiri
  • Saida Karoli dunia
  • Saida Karoli folo
  • Saida Karoli kabaka
  • Saida Karoli kachumba bunula
  • Saida Karoli ndombolo
  • Saida Karoli nishike
  • Saida Karoli nsenene
  • Saida Karoli omukaile kilinjwi
  • Saida Karoli omuliro
  • Saida Karoli sweet Tanzania
  • Saida Karoli tajiri
  • Saida Karoli ukajuale
  • Saida Karoli wanangu

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