Rose Mhando Biography – Background, Career, Discography and More

Rose Mhando Biography – Background, Career, Discography and More

Rose Mhando, also known using the same name Rose Mhando professionally, is a Tanzanian gospel singer, composer, and choreographer who was born in January 1976. She was born and bred in Tanzania’s Kilosa district, in the Morogoro area.

Background of Rose Mhando

Rose Mhando, a former faithful Muslim and mother of 3, claims to have received a vision of Jesus Christ while ailing on her sick bed at the age of 9, after three years of suffering, after which she was cured and converted to Christianity.

Rose Mhando’s Career

Rose Mhando began her musical career as a choir instructor for the Chimuli Anglican Church in Dodoma’s Saint Mary’s Choir. She received best songwriter, best vocalist, and best album of the year during the Tanzania Gospel Music Award Show on January 31, 2005. She performed at a gospel event in December 2005 to raise money for a Dar es Salaam children‘s shelter.

Rose Mhando inked a multi-album recording contract with Sony Music in February 2011. The agreement was signed on February 9 during a media conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and was the first of its sort in East Africa.

Rose Mhando’s Discography

Usife Moyo (2018)

Hangriema with her choir (2017)

Jitenge Na Lutu (2017)

Nampenda Yesu (2017)

Rose Mhando Utamu Wa Yesu (2011)

Nyota ya Ajabu (2010)

Jipange Sawasawa (2008)

Kitimutimu (2005)

Mteule Uwe Macho (2004)


Best Female Vocalist and Best Religious Song at the 2005 Tanzania Music Awards (“Mteule uwe macho”)

The Best Tanzanian Gospel Singer Awards were held in 2009, and Rose Mhando won this award as Tanzania’s Best Singer, she was given Tsh 200,000 by Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation TBC for her song “Nibebe.

Best female gospel musician in Africa at the 2008 Kenya Groove Awards.

Music Songs

Rose Mhando is known for her gospel songs and has over the years, made a name for herself in the East of Africa. Her songs include;

  • Rose Mhando amina
  • Rose Mhando ee mungu nitakushukuru
  • Rose Mhando hatumo
  • Rose Mhando jipange sawa sawa
  • Rose Mhando kenya ulindwe
  • Rose Mhando namtaka yesu
  • Rose Mhando ndivyo ulivyo
  • Rose Mhando nibariki
  • Rose Mhando nipe uvumilivu
  • Rose Mhando ombi langu
  • Rose Mhando pindo la yesu
  • Rose Mhando shujaa wa msalaba
  • Rose Mhando sitanyamaza
  • Rose Mhando tabu zangu
  • Rose Mhando uwe macho
  • Rose Mhando yesu nakupenda
  • Rose Mhando bwana niongoze
  • Rose Mhando kamata pindo la yesu
  • Rose Mhando mwanamke mbaya
  • Rose Mhando nakuuliza shetani
  • Rose Mhando tenda wema
  • Rose Mhando uko wapi
  • Rose Mhando wanyamazishe
  • Rose Mhando woga wako
  • Rose Mhando achia

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