Swahili Food Recipe - Easy and Fast Fluffy Vitumbua

Swahili Food Recipe: Easy and Fast Fluffy Vitumbua

Quick and Fluffy Vitumbua is the United Republic of Tanzanian Coconut Donuts (vitumbua in English) that melt on your tongue. They’re also vegan, which is a bonus.

I experience the same level of satisfaction flipping through my small collection of Eastern African cookbooks as I do while cozying up with my favorite Indian cookbooks. Both are packed with spices, regular vegetables, and coconut cream in practically every dish.

I am familiar with Swahili cuisines like the famous Vitumbua recipe, and I enjoy it. The vitumbua recipe Zambia, kenya and Tanzania cuisine is vivid, fresh, and filled with love.

My Ties to East Africa- Vitumbua History

I grew up eating a mash-up of African, Indian, and British cuisines. My parents were born in Eastern Africa and are British citizens. My mother is from Kenya, while my father is from Tanzania. I am a bonified United Kingdom citizen.

As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to sample the culinary traditions of all of these dishes.

The influence of Indian cuisine on East African cuisine (and vice versa!)

Indian impact on Eastern African cooking feels like a secret camp for my age group, with formulas buried deep inside the souls of expatriate grandparents, aunts, parents, and uncles.

As heartbreaking as it may seem, I’m a twenty-nine-year-old who is concerned that Ugandan Kasodi, Malindi Halwa, and Zanzibar Trail Mixture, will be forgotten one day.

What are Vitumbua Quick and Fluffy?

I’d like to properly introduce you to how to make Vitumbua Tanzania recipe, in the interest of doing my part to preserve the Eastern African cuisine that so many Asian-Eastern Africans are proud of.

My Gunwantrai Modha, Saintly Bapu, loves these United Republic of Tanzanian rice flour also known as Vitumbua Zambia donuts, and I totally see why.

My father and brothers, both Tanzanians, consider these foods to be fuel food, excellent for the spirit, and all that.

How to Make Vitumbua

From the outside, Vitumbua Tanzania rice flour donuts should look gold-like and crunchy, and from the inside, it should be like a delicate piece of cardamom-aroma cloud.

Coconut milk is used in the vitumbua recipe Tanzania, giving these cakey donuts a pristine white center and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

How to Make Vitumbua with Rice Flour: Vitumbua Recipe with Rice Flour

Is It Possible to Produce Vitumbua That is Gluten-Free?

Yes! Simply substitute the regular flour with rice flour in the same proportions (2 tablespoons). One tablespoon of cornflour can alternatively be used (corn-starch).

How to Shear Quick and Fluffy Vitumbua

My fluffy or quick Vitumbua go great with warm tea in the early morning or a hot kidney bean together with coconut sauce for dinner if you’re feeling daring. It’s really delicious to combine sweet and savory flavors!

Vitumbua: Yeasted United Republic of Tanzanian duts soaked in coconut milk.

Yeast is used as a leavening ingredient in my version, but baking powder is also used in many recipes. The traditional Vitumbua recipe fauzia kitchen is cooked using wet rice, but I have simplified it by making vitumbua with rice flour.

Rice flour is now widely available in stores. If you cannot obtain rice flour, you can use wet raw rice instead.

To Prepare Quick and Fluffy Vitumbua, What Sort of Vitumbua Maker Pot or Pan Do I Need?

Please use a Paniyaram or Appam or Vitumbua pan if you have one. If you do not have one, vitumbua without pan cooking can be done using a greased muffin tin. You can also purchase a Vitumbua pan amazon UK/USA, if you are going for the authentic style. You’ll need to place them in the oven for ten minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, rotating them halfway through the preparation time.

Where to Buy Vitumbua Pan – Saachi Vitumbua Maker

You can buy a saachi vitumbua maker pan from a couple of places. For people who live in East Africa, the vitumbua pan Nairobi is available in the local markets. The pans can also be purchased from ebay and amazon. Googling vitumbua pan ebay or vitumbua maker amazon, will give you the required results.

Finishing Touches with Cardamom

For my recipe for vitumbua, I use cardamom sugar to sprinkle my Vitumbua, which isn’t customary, but it provides a delightful extra aroma to the dough.

A common style of Vitumbua pan maker
A common style of Vitumbua pan maker

Finishing a meal with moderate spices is a brave way to add another layer to the table, in my opinion.

Quick and Fluffy Vitumbua Formula – Tanzanian Coconut Donuts

The Best Vitumbua Recipe Step By Step Instructions:

Time to Prepare: 40 minutes

Time to Cook: 20 minutes

Total Time: One hour

Course: Dessert, Breakfast, and Snack

Cuisine: African

Keywords: African, pancakes, cardamom, Tanzanian, rice flour.

Servings: 8


  •  Appam frying pan

Vitumbua Ingredients

For the unique Vitumbua batter:

  •  Rice flour, 220 grams.
  •  two tablespoons of plain flour
  •  400 mL coconut milk (total fat)
  •  caster sugar (100 g)
  •  7 grams dried fast-acting yeast
  •  200 mL warm (about 32°C) water
  •  Three tablespoons of vegetable or sunflower oil
  •  One teaspoon of cardamom seedlings from five-six cardamom pods grounds
  •  1/2 teaspoon of fine salt
  •  Optional: 1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract

For the Cardamom Sprinkles Sugar, Use These Instructions:

  •  icing sugar, two tablespoons
  •  Remove the seeds from 2 entire cardamom pods and finely grind them


  1. Blend the sugar, rice flour, salt, plain flour, dried yeast, and ground cardamom in a large mixing basin.
  2. In the center of the dry materials, make a well and pour in the warm water, coconut milk, oil, and vanilla or almond extract (if you are using any). Whisk the materials together until the batter is smooth and lump-free. The consistency should be similar to that of idli or dosa batter. Allow the dough to chill in a warm environment for 30-40 mins after covering it with cling film.
  3. Use vegetable oil or sunflower to lubricate 12-hole appam or paniyaram, vitumbua pan. Your dough should be bubbling and foamy at this point. Allow the vitumbua maker pan to warm up slightly before using a small cup or jug to fill the saachi vitumbua maker pan’s holes almost to the top with batter.
  4. Cook over low heat for three minutes, or until the top part of the batter appear dry when touched. Turn the vitumbua on the other side using a cocktail stick. On the bottom, they should appear golden brown—Cook for three-four minutes on the opposite side, or until it turns gold-like. Start by removing them from the frying pan with the cocktail stick.
  5. Blend the ground cardamom and icing sugar to produce the cardamom sugar. Sprinkle the sugar generously over the top of the Vitumbua with a tea filter or a tiny sieve. Dish the vitumbua right away with a hot cup of masala chai or a strong cup of coffee.

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