Swahili Food Recipe - Making Tanzanian Crispy Onions

Swahili Food Recipe: Making Tanzanian Crispy Onions

Why Fried Crispy Onions in the First Place?

Crispy onions are necessary for a nice biriyani, but they’re also great in prawn curry, blue cheese barbeque sauce, sandwiches and scrambled eggs. I could go on.

Because I have kids and a spouse, I like to prepare a huge batch of them and freeze them to use when I desire them in a dish. Do you get what I’m saying? Yup. The crispy onions recipe is therefore crucial in my life and family in general.

I’d like to confess. Until lately, I could never seem to get the crispy onions properly. Because of my poor cutting technique, I never got what I wanted and often ended up with half-burned, half-uncooked, horrible excuses for onions.

How to Make Crispy Onions Quickly and Easy

I discovered that cutting the onions into distinct rings is the key to success, and consistency is essential. Keep the pieces the same size to guarantee that they simmer to the same degree of preparedness simultaneously.

The oil is the second most crucial factor in preparing crispy fried onions. The oil must be heated enough for the onion pieces to sizzle immediately after they come into contact with it. You can check whether oil is appropriate for frying by inserting a wooden stick (mwiko) in it, as I explained in my book. You’re ready to go if bubbles develop around the stick.

Also, please don’t wait until they crispy onions. Remove them from the hot oil if they have turned a rich golden brown color. Why? Because immediately you pull them out from the hot oil, they crisp up. Blot them with kitchen paper.

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