Quick Snapshot - The Ministry of Health Tanzania

Quick Snapshot: The Ministry of Health Tanzania

The Ministry of Health Tanzania is among the several government ministries in the country. The central offices of the Ministry are situated in Dodoma. The ministry aims to enable the provision of primary health services that are quality, good, equitable, affordable, accessible, gender-sensitive and sustainable.

The ministry of health Tanzania was amalgamated with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders, and Children (MoHCDGEC) during the reforms carried out under Tanzania President John Magufuli.

Tanzania Ministry of Health Organizational Structure

The ministry of health Tanzania is structured as follows.

Office of the Chief Medical Office at the Ministry of Health in Tanzania

Preventive Services division

  • Reproductive and Child Health Section
  • Disease control and Epidemiology section
  • Environmental Health, Sanitation and Hygiene section
  • Nutritional Services Section
  • Promotion and Health Education Section

Curative Services Division

  • Health Care Technical Services and Diagnostic Section
  • Private and Public Health Section
  • Alternative Medicine and Traditional Section
  • Non-Communicable Diseases, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Section
  • Oral Health Services Section

Human Resources Development Division

  • Allied Health Sciences Training Section
  • Health Human Resources Planning Section
  • Nursing Services Training Section
  • Social Welfare Staff Development Section
  • Postgraduate Training and Continue Education Section

Health Quality Assurance Section

  • Quality Assurance and Health Services Inspectorate Services
  • Pharmaceutical Services Section
  • Nursing Services Section
  • Response and Health Emergency Preparedness Section
The Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam Tanzania
The Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam Tanzania – One of hospitals in the country that provides high quality health services

Social Welfare Division

  • Early Childhood Development, Family, Child Welfare Services Section
  • Elderly persons and People with Disability Section
  • Juvenile Justice Services Section

Administration and Human Resources Management Division

  • Human Resources Management Section
  • Administration Section

Policy and Planning Division

  • Planning Section
  • Policy Section
  • Performance Reporting and Monitoring Evaluation Section

Miscellaneous Units of the Ministry of Health Tanzania

  • Legal Services Unit
  • Communication and Information Technology Unit
  • Procurement Management Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Government Communication Unit
  • Accounts and Finance Units


President John Magufuli
President John Magufuli

On 22nd April 2016, President John Magufuli issued Government Notice No. 144, which mandated the assignment of Ministerial responsibilities (Instrument). In this instrument, President Magufuli hatched a ministry of health community development gender and elderly Tanzania. This ministry is tasked with the formulation of

  1. Policies on Community Development, Health, Children, Gender and the Elderly and their implementation
  2. Curative and Preventive Services
  3. Inspection of Health Services
  4. Promotion of Alternative and Traditional Medicine
  5. Medical supplies
  6. Drug and Food Quality Services
  7. Nutrition and Medical Research
  8. Medical Laboratory Services
  9. Chemical Management Services
  10. Family Planning
  11. Projects, Parastatal Organizations, and Extra-Ministerial Departments under this ministry
  12. Development and Implementation of Human Resource under this ministry and Performance Improvement
  13. Coordination of International Organizations under this sector
  14. Coordination of NGOs dealing with the functions under this sector
  15. Medical Health and International Organizations

Mission of MoHCDGEC

The MoHCDGEC is committed to enabling the provision of primary health services that are quality, good, accessible, equitable, affordable, gender-sensitive and sustainable


To create a healthy society that has better social well being which will effectively contribute to the national and individual development

Tanzania Ministry of Health Roles

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Tanzania is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  1. To formulate policies related to health
  2. Also, the United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is responsible of providing:
  • Preventive service
  • Hospital Services
  • Chemical management services
  • Drug and food quality services
  • Forensic science services
  • Supervision of government agencies within the ministry
  • Overseeing parastatals, projects, extra-ministerial development under the Ministry
  • Participation in medical organizations and International health
  • Inspecting Health Services
  • Promoting traditional medicine
  • Reproductive Health Services

Ministry of Health Tanzania Contacts

Ministry of Health Tanzania Address Dodoma

Ministry of Health Tanzania Dodoma

S.L.P 743, Dodoma
Telephone: +255-26-2323267/5
Mobile: +255-26-2342000/5
Email: ps@afya.go.tz

Ministry of health Tanzania website: https://www.moh.go.tz/

Other Important Information

Ministry of Health Tanzania application forms: https://moh.go.tz/en/forms

Ministry of Health Tanzania Logo

Ministry of Health Tanzania Logo
Ministry of Health Tanzania Logo

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