Top Luxury Safari Holidays in Tanzania to Consider

Top Luxury Safari Holidays in Tanzania to Consider

Itineraries That Include Luxury Tanzania Safari Holidays

Luxury safari holidays in Tanzania offer an up-close encounter with the country’s diverse wildlife and lush forests. This vast, sparsely populated country is home to some of Earth’s most stunning wildlife.

A premium Tanzania safari is certainly one-of-a-kind from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Ngorongoro Crater, from the Serengeti plains to the Tarangire baobab trees.

Zanzibar, Africa’s most popular post-safari vacation destination, is located in the heart of the continent’s largest herds of wildlife.

Why Travel for a Luxurious Safari Tanzania and Zanzibar Island?

Luxury Safari Holidays in Tanzania: The Best Five Luxurious Lodges

Our resident Tanzania safari lodge and camp specialist, Matthys, has visited over twenty-five of Tanzania’s finest safari lodges and camps. He has selected the best five of the luxury safari holiday in Tanzania lodges to share with the world:

1) The Lemala Mpingo Ridge

The Lemala Mpingo Ridge
The Lemala Mpingo Ridge

Located on a big hill overlooking Tarangire National Park, the Lemala Mpingo Ridge Luxury Safari Lodge is the perfect place for a vacation.

Lake Manyara National Park and the Rift Valley Wall can be seen in the backdrop. A successful formula is employed in designing and organizing the spacious suites at Lemala Mpingo Ridge making it a perfect choice for luxury safari holidays in Tanzania.

It’s the same story at the Lemala luxury camps profiled here. The lodge and camp have an air of understated grandeur and elegance thanks to light-colored wood and other embellishments. Both the meal and the service are flawless!

  • The pool and its surroundings are located at the core of this Tanzanian luxury lodge, which can be enjoyed from the resort’s bar, dining room, and other common areas.
  • The best time to go is from June through October.

2) The Kusini Sanctuary

In the western Serengeti, on a steep slope surrounded by big rocks, sits Tanzania’s Kusini Sanctuary, a premium safari resort.

There are broad, comfortable sofas at this luxurious camp where you can relax with a gin and tonic and enjoy your African expedition experience in style. It offers a prime spot for sundowners on a big rock overlooking the grasslands of the Serengeti.

Aside from that, the tented rooms have been tastefully decorated in a colonial safari style that incorporates both the old and the new luxury safari holidays in Tanzania themes seamlessly. There is a calving season that runs from January to March at this location.

  • Rooms, bar, dining area, and pool at this Tanzanian luxury safari lodge all have stunning views.
  • The months of January through March are ideal and the best time to visit Tanzania.

3) The Safari at Bushtops Camp

According to Matthys, this is one of the best luxury safari camps in Tanzania; he has stayed at a number of them over the past few years.

As it is situated in the northern Serengeti, this Tanzanian luxury expedition camp is ideal for seeing the Great exuding herds as they cross the Mara River.

The rock pool at Bushtops Luxury Camp has 360-degree vistas, and there are also spa services.

Yow will be awed by the open-air Boma area and the comfortable lounge and dining areas being among the Tanzania luxury safari camp’s features.

The camp is decorated with light-colored wood in a nod to the past. Understated African expedition luxury comes to mind when one thinks of this lodge.

The food is delicious and presented in a way that harkens back to a Michelin-starred establishment a perfect destination for elegant tourists looking for luxury holidays in Tanzania.

  • With the walls rolled up, you can create a large open living area with a private plunge pool, an outdoor shower, and a dining area.
  • The months of June through August are ideal for a visit.

4) The Lemala Mara, or The Kuria Hills

The Western Serengeti’s Lemala Mara expedition camp follows the same successful formula as the other Lemala luxuries.

Guests can expect excellent services, mouth-watery Tanzania food, and friendliness from the employees at this premium camp, with smart, subtle elegance.

  • This suite has standardized private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and lounge areas.
  • The months of June through August are ideal for a visit.

5) The Nimali Mara

The western savanna of the Serengeti is also home to Nimali Mara. The Camp is built around a large rock that lends it a distinct character. The Serengeti plains below are visible from the lodge’s living and dining areas, making it the second-best luxury safari holidays in Tanzania location for viewing the plains on this list.

There is a central banquet and lounge space where guests can relax and socialize.

The suites provide stunning views from a wall of glass that has no obstructions.

The decor is inspired by a luxurious safari in Tanzania, and every last detail has been considered. One of the most memorable aspects of an expedition vacation in this place is the opportunity to soak in a copper tub overlooking the Serengeti grasslands.

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