Kivukoni – Infrastructure, Transport, Museum, Embassies, Fish Market and More

Kivukoni Dar es Salaam (Städtereisen Kivukoni) – Infrastructure, Transport, Museum, Embassies, Fish Market and More

Kivukoni is one of the administrative areas of Tanzania’s Ilala District, located in Dar es Salaam Region. Kivukoni derives its name from a Swahili term: “crossing site.” It is bounded towards the west by Upanga East ward, towards the southwest by Kisutu ward, and across the Kivukoni channel by Kigamboni ward. The ward has a total size of 0.922 square meter (2.387 km2).

Tanzanian National Museum
Tanzanian National Museum

Kivukoni Ward is among the most significant in the country since the Ikulu (the residence of Tanzania’s president) is located there. The Tanzanian National Museum is also located in Kivukoni Ward. The ward has an overall population of 6,742 people as per the 2012 census.

Economy of Kivukoni

Kivukoni has a plethora of embassies for such a tiny neighborhood. Because of these embassies, local businesses are getting a boost financially. The Kivukoni Fish Market Dar es Salaam and the Mzizima Fish Market (both of which are among the largest in the country) are both located in Kivukoni. Kivukoni is a tourism hotspot with some of the country’s major hotels. The famous Askari Monument can be found at Kivukoni.

Administration and Neighborhoods

Kivukoni Ward’s postal code is 11101. It is split into the neighborhoods listed below.

  • Kivukoni, Kivukoni
  • Sea View, Kivukoni

Education in Kivukoni

These educational systems are housed in the ward:

Bunge Primary School

Bunge Primary School
Bunge Primary School

Healthcare in Kivukoni

The below health institutions are located in the ward:

Government Offices in Kivukoni

The following government offices are located in Kivukoni:

  1. National Development Corporation (NDC)
  2. The Tanzanian Bank
  3. Legal Affairs and Constitutions Ministry
  4. Education, Science and Technology Ministry
  5. Energy and Minerals Ministry
  6. Finance and Planning Ministry
  7. Foreign Affairs Ministry
  8. Health and Social Welfare Ministry
  9. Lands and Human Settlements Ministry
  10. Tanzanian Nat. Bureau of Statistics
  11. Office of the Prime Minister
  12. The Public Service Office and Good Governance
  13. The ‘Ikulu’ (the Tanzanian state house)
  14. Tanzanian Supreme Court
  15. The Buildings Agency of Tanzania
  16. The Investment Centre of Tanzania

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