Tanzania Posts Corporation - History, Post Office Distribution, Services and More

Tanzania Posts Corporation – History, Post Office Distribution, Services and More

Created in 1994, Tanzania Posts Corporation is the company in charge of postal service in Tanzania.

History of Post Office Tanzania

German Postal Agency

A German postal agency was created on 27th February 1885 in Lamu, utilizing German stamps for mail. It was jointly operated along with telegraph service rendered under the authority of German East Africa.

Posting to Tanzania (known then as Tanganyika)

Mail was delivered to Europe from the colony using steamers, and only post offices along the shore had regular service. The government operated more than 50 post offices at its peak in 1913. The government also set up a network of telephones and telegraphs. There were 34 telegraph outposts operating 2,537 km of landlines in 1914.

East African Postal Services and British Takeover

After the British began controlling Tanganyika, they also handled the postal service in the country. They consolidated all the communication and postal entities in Tanganyika, Uganda, and Kenya under a single entity known as the East African Postal and Telecommunications Administration.

Even during the early 1960s after independence, communications and postal services were administered under the newly created East African Community (EAC). However, after the dissolution of EAC in 1977, the Tanzanian government created the Tanzania Posts Corporation.

Creation of Tanzania Posts Corporation

On 31st December 1993, the legislature enacted many laws to deregulate the operations of telecommunications and posts to increase their efficiency and autonomy. It led to the creation of Tanzania Posts Corporation. After this, three independent organisations were established.

  • The Tanzania Broadcasting Centre is the government’s public broadcasting channel for television and AM radio.
  • The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited is a limited liability public company.
  • The Tanzania Posts Corporation is a public corporation fully owned by the Tanzanian government.

Tanzania Postal Bank

The bank was created before the Tanzania Posts Corporation. However, the banking division formed part of the Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (TP&TC). From 1st March 1992, the Tanzania Postal Bank was created to succeed the Tanganyika Post Office Savings, which the Post Office Savings Bank Ordinance of 1925 created and began operating in 1927.

Post Office Distribution

The Tanzania Posts Corporation is expected to operate as a corporation without getting funds from the budget. This implies that the corporation needed to consolidate a substantial number of its branches operating at a loss. To ensure the rural dwellers continue to have access to the corporation’s service, the corporation began franchising post offices. The Posts Corporation runs its mail delivery network utilizing three forms of post offices: SUB post office, Franchised post office, and Departmental post office.





Postal Code SUB















Zanzibar isles 7xxxx 2 4 5 11 Zanzibar
Tanga Region 21xxx 12 4 10 26 Northern Indian Ocean Shore
Tabora Region 45xxx 15 5 6 26 Central
Singida Region 43xxx 6 2 4 12 Central
Shinyanga Region 37xxx 8 2 8 18 Lake
Ruvuma Region 57xxx 3 2 3 8 Southern islands
Mwanza Region 33xxx 9 8 10 27 Southern lake Victoria
Mtwara Region 63xxx 6 2 4 12 Coast of the Southern indian Ocean
Morogoro Region 67xxx 5 10 9 24 Central
Arusha Region 23xxx 1 1 16 27 Northern
Kagera Region 35xxx 8 4 8 20 Lake
Lindi Region 65xxx 4 3 3 10 Coast of the Southern Indian Ocean
Dodoma Region 41xxx 8 12 4 24 Central
Mara Region 31xxx 1 1 4 6 Lake
Kilimanjaro Region 25xxx 24 7 12 43 Northern
Dar es Salaam Region 1xxxx 6 6 28 40 Coast of the Indian Ocean
Iringa Region 51xxx 9 7 5 21 Southern Highlands
Kigoma Region 47xxx 8 3 4 15 Lake Tanganyika Northern
Mbeya Region 53xxx 6 6 9 21 Southern Highlands


Financial Services

Bureau de Change

The Tanzania Posts Corporation launched its first bureau de change at the general post office in Dar es Salaam (Posta Mpya) in June 2012. This service is currently available only at Shangani Post Office in Zanzibar and Posta Mpya. However, TPC has shown interest in expanding the service to other major outlets in other regions.

Agency Services

Tanzania Posts Corporation is a crucial agent for the government to collect funds from the people due to the corporation’s wide network, particularly in rural areas. Tanzania Posts Corporation helps with government bills like DAWASCO and LUKU, as well as school fees payment and NECTA examination fees.

Tanzania posts corporation trackingGlobal track and trace

Post Office Dar es salaam Tanzania Headquarters contact information – https://www.posta.co.tz/index.php/contact-us

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