10 Best Tanzania Movies to Watch Prior to Visiting the Country

10 Best Tanzania Movies to Watch Prior to Visiting the Country

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has all the features needed to attract investors and tourists. The northern part of Tanzania is home to globally-renowned tourist attractions like the Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro National Park, and Mount Kilimanjaro. This part of the country is also famous for the mining of Tanzanite. Conversely, the lake zone is famous for gold mining and Lake Victoria, while the city of Dar es Salaam is a choice destination for business activities. With all the available attractions, there are various sides of the country to explore. Coupled with the different traditions and cultures found in the different geographical parts, there’s enough material for cinematographic exploration. 

If you want to know what are the popular movies in Tanzania, then you’re in the right place. We’ve listed the top ten best Tanzanian movies to watch to get you in the mood for a trip to the United Republic of Tanzania. 

Savage Harvest (1981)

In this Tanzania full movie, Robert Collins aims to reflect the dangers faced by people inhabiting the remote areas of the continent, particularly those of marginalized communities in rural areas, faced with the threat of attacks by natural predators. The movie reveals the situation of Mr. Casey’s household struggling to avoid getting attacked by a group of lions and aiming to save themselves from a sticky end. However, the problems the characters in this movie face are nothing compared to what faces the Maasai community that lives in Kanjiro, close to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Since their settlements now fall within the Ngorongoro ecosystem, they’ve got to live with lions and many natural predators daily. The life of the people in Kanjiro isn’t too different from camping. The major difference is that camping is temporary, and campers take security measures to steer clear of danger. 

Siri ya Mtungi (2013)

There aren’t many Swahili films that better reflect the life of Tanzanian people from the coastal area than Siri ya Mtungi. This is one of the few movies about Tanzania. It is one of the movies filmed in Tanzania, specifically in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo. The movie is a thought-provoking and authentic production that will not leave you neutral. The major theme in the movie is the war against HIV/AIDS by preventing mother-to-baby transmission. Other thematic preoccupations of the movie include the spread of STDs and STIs, thug life, and drug trafficking. Furthermore, Siri ya Mtungi reveals the culture of the communities inhabiting the coastal areas, especially cultural norms like polygamy and Taraab songs. Despite being married to Chausiku, his beautiful wife, Juma Cheche, a photographer at Mtungi Studio, turned out to be a womanizer. Juma would have affairs with other ladies around the area. However, he turns a new leaf when he realizes the risks he was exposing his family to. Not only does Juma learn about issues surrounding HIV and AIDS

Unlike other Swahili movies Tanzania, this film falls under educative Tanzania movies.

Tanzania: Royal Tour (2022)

Tanzania - Royal Tour (2022)
Tanzania – Royal Tour (2022)

Tanzania royal tour movie is the latest in a series of global television events, hosted by Peter Greenberg. The President of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan is his very special guide. The movie is an epic journey through this remarkable country through the eyes of its leader.

What the ​​royal tour Tanzania full movie here!

Nairobi Half-life (2012)

The movie stars a young Joseph Wairimu, who played the role of Mwas. Wairimu’s character depicts the life of young people who aspire to e successful in the media industry, particularly in production and filmmaking. So, he embarks on a journey to Nairobi to explore his innate potential. On getting to Nairobi, things took a different turn. He enters the gang life after coming in contact with Oti. Oti later becomes his best pal. Mwas starts stealing and selling car parts. Eventually, his activities landed him in jail, while the police killed other members of the gang. The movie is touching and reveals many things about the life of youth in the major cities of East Africa, including Tanzanian cities like Mwanza, Arusha, and Dar es Salaam. Indeed, the majority of the youth populace in these cities are not natives, and their initial aim was to get a job in the city. However, they end up joining gangs. 

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

The Gods Must Be Crazy is an epic Tanzania movie. If you visit Tanzania and you hear children and young people raving about the ‘Bushmen’ film or ‘Msandawee’ film, they are talking about The Gods Must be Crazy. It’s a South African comedy that Jamie Uys directed. The movie portrays jungle life in Africa. The protagonist, Xi, lives in the Kalahari Desert with members of his community, and they are living happily because they are not aware of the outside world. Their life was upended by the strange discovery of an unknown artifact – a Coca-Cola bottle. They depended on hunting. Living in the jungle isn’t strange among the Northern tribes of Tanzania like Iraqw, Meru, Barbiq, and Maasai. They believe that ancestors and gods can save them from being killed or attacked by beasts in the jungle.

 Apocalypse Pompeii (2014)

Apocalypse Pompeii is one of the best Tanzania movies 2014. This is the most recent movie on the list. It tells the fictional story of a volcanic eruption at Mt. Vesuvius when Mr. Jeff Pierce’s family visits Pompeii. Mykaela Pierce, his daughter, escapes the disaster thanks to her skills. However, her skills alone aren’t enough to escape the volcano. Thus, her dad has to use all his skills to save his family and find a way out of the danger zone.  

Mt. Oldonyo Lengai in Tanzania is similar to Mt. Vesuvius. The events of the movie are not too different from what occurs when Mt. Oldonyo Lengai erupts. The eruption happens fairly regularly, and it destroys large expanses of land and the population of the communities living around there.  

Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki (2012)

This movie stars Steven Kanumba and Kajala Masanja. It shows the tribulations and trials marginalized rural Tanzanian communities face. It delivers a message of accountability to the citizens of the country. People of the community begin to ask for their rights. But the village council does not respond favorably. They prefer that the people remain unaware of their rights. Events escalate as the villagers are tortured. This also is part of the educative Tanzanian movies. 

Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki
Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki

The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952)

This movie is the oldest on the list. Henry King directed the movie in 1952. It centers on a couple traveling to try to climb Mt. Everest based on the story of Ernest Hemingway. The trip becomes very difficult for Susan and Gregory because Kilimanjaro is covered with snow and filled with potential dangers. They get injured by plants and face other hazards; they need to escape the attack of wild animals. However, the content of the movie doesn’t really portray the positive parts of visiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is the highest peak on the continent, and it is among the easiest volcanos to climb. The weather condition is good, and there are friendly porters to ensure that the visitors enjoy their trip to Tanzania and the peak of Kilimanjaro.  

Blood and Oil (2009)

This is a unique film because it falls under the documentary category of Tanzania movies. Blood and Oil centers around Alice, a British-Nigerian PR officer at Krieslen International Oil Company. She travels to the Niger Delta region of Nigeria to represent the organization during the hostage crises. The crisis resulted from the discovery of oil in the region. Rather than being a source of blessing to the immediate community, it becomes more of a curse. Investors and government officials are the only ones benefiting from the oil discovered in the area. The state of things in Tanzania is similar. After gas was discovered in Mtwara, conflict ensued between the natives and the government, which resulted in the burning of the Tanzania Broadcasting Station 

Trash (2014)

Trash is set in Brazil and features three young chaps – Rat, Gardo, and Rafael. The three boys find a wallet discarded in a trash can by Jose Angelo. The wallet sets them against law enforcement officers due to the fact that the wallet carries vital information about a well-known politician. In the end, the three boys are able to serve their community by revealing the misallocation and misuse of funds by politicians. Tanzania faces similar problems. Once you choose to act like Rat and his friends, you’ll be in potential danger of getting jailed or suffering at the hands of the people you are trying to uncover their criminal dealings. In recent times, many journalists have suffered this fate.

Other Tanzania Movies

Fun Fact! People often confuse hotel Tanzania movie, but the real name is Hotel Transylvania.

Tanzania Movie Actors

There are multiple talented Tanzanian actors. Here are five of the most recognized Tanzania movie stars:

  1. Steven Kanumba – Steven Kanumba was a Tanzanian actor who was considered one of the most popular actors in the country. He appeared in numerous movies, including “Family Tears”, “Lost Love”, and “Sinema”. Sadly, Kanumba passed away in 2012 at the age of 28.
  2. Elizabeth Michael – Elizabeth Michael, also known as Lulu, is a popular Tanzanian actress who has appeared in numerous movies, including “Foolish Age”, “Family Tears”, and “Aisha. She has won several awards for her acting, including Best Actress at the 2017 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.
  3. Vincent Kigosi – Vincent Kigosi is a Tanzanian actor and director who has appeared in a number of popular movies, including “Zero Hour”, “House Boy”, and “Miss Tanzania. He is also known for his work behind the camera, having directed films such as “More Than Pain” and “Family Tears.
  4. Irene Uwoya – Irene Uwoya is a Tanzanian actress who has appeared in a number of popular movies, including “Mapenzi Ya Mungu”, “Mganga”, and “Safari Ya Gwalu. She has won several awards for her acting, including Best Actress at the 2012 African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.
  5. Ray Kigosi – Ray Kigosi is a Tanzanian actor, director, and producer who has appeared in a number of movies, including “The Expediter”, “A Point of No Return”, and “Zero Hour”. He has also directed several films, including “Three Couples” and “Mbwa Mwitu”.

Bongo Movies Tanzania

You’ve probably heard the term “Tanzania bongo movies” before. And if you haven’t, then here’s everything you need to know. 

Movies that are made with limited financial resources, tight timeframes, and handheld cameras are commonly known as “bongo films.” These types of films are frequently distributed in large quantities on DVDs.

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Where to Watch Tanzania Full Movies Swahili

If after watching the recommendations presented here, you want to watch more, here are more tanzania movies swahili. There are a lot of other great Tanzania movies, specially online!

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