Snapshot - Top Female Tanzania Models of All Time

Snapshot: Top Female Tanzania Models of All Time

Tanzania models come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and whatever their age is, they keep getting more beautiful and powerful. That said, the following is a list of the 20 top powerhouse women of Tanzania, whom are considered Tanzanian female models that you need to familiarize yourself with.

Tanzania Model: Carolyne Bernard

Carolyne J. Bernard [born September 1994]. She is a Tanzanian beauty contest winner who was crowned Miss Universe Tanzania in 2014. Due to an accident, she could not represent the Unified Republic of Tanzania at the Miss Universe 2014 events in Miami, Doral, Florida, and the United States.


Miss Universe Tanzania 2014

On the 1st of November 2014, Bernard was named Miss Universe Tanzania of 2014 at the beautiful Golden Tulip Hotel in Dar City. Tanzania received three titles from the final: Ms. Universe Tanzania 2014 [Golden Winner] and two runners-up, Ms. Earth Tanzania 2014 as well as Miss Supra-national Tanzania in 2014 making her to be among the most famous Tanzania models

Achievements And Awards
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Nale Boniface

Ms Earth Tanzania



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Betty Boniface

Ms Universe Tanzania



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Nale Boniface

Tanzania Top Model: Nale Boniface

Nale Boniface [born 1993, 29 years old] is a Tanzanian beauty contest winner who was crowned Ms Earth Tanzania in 2014. Nale represented her nation at the Ms. Earth 2014, and she took the place winner Carolyne J. Bernard to effectively participate at the Ms. Universe 2014 in Florida, USA

Tanzania Model - Nale Boniface
Tanzania Model – Nale Boniface


Nale is a medical science student at Muhimbili Institute of Healthcare and Allied Sciences in Tanzania, where she also participates as an empowerment advocate in the community.

Miss Universe Tanzania 2014

On the 31st of October 2014, Nale was crowned Miss Universe Contest winner Tanzania 2014 as the first runner-up and was automatically named Ms. Earth winner Tanzania 2014.

Miss Earth 2014

On the 28th of November 2014, Nale Boniface represented Tanzania in Miss Earth Contest 2014 in Quezon town, Philippines. At the pageant, she competed against 83 other competitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, she did not make the Top 16.

Miss Universe 2014

Carolyne Bernard, the golden winner of Ms. Universe 2014, withdrew from the competition on the 24th of December 2014 after a terrible accident shattered her feet, prohibiting her from wearing heels. Nale competed in the Ms. Universe 2014 final tournament but did not place.

Nale was the eighth lady among the Tanzanian models to compete in the Miss Universe contest.

                                                Achievements and Awards
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Carolyne Bernard

Ms Universe Tanzania



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Clara Noor

Ms Earth Tanzania



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Tanzania Model: Betty Boniphace

Betty Omara Boniphace [born on September 1993]. She is a Dar City-born beauty-queen who was crowned Ms. Universe Tanzania 2013 on the 27th of September 2013. Betty represented her nation at the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow, Russia.

Miss Universe Tanzania 2013

Betty was crowned Miss Universe 2013 winner Tanzania on Friday evening, the 27th of September 2013, in the National Museum Auditorium in Dar es Salaam. Other Tanzania models crowned at the event were Clara Noor who was named Ms. Earth Tanzania as well as Aziza Victoria who was named runner-up.

Miss Universe 2013

Betty represented the United Republic of Tanzania in the 62nd Miss Universe pageant, which was held on the 9th of November 2013, at the Crocus Town Hall in Moscow [Capital] Russia.

Betty Boniphace
Betty Boniphace
                                                          Achievements And Awards
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Winfrida Dominic

Ms Universe Tanzania



Taking over by Carolyne Bernard

Tanzania Model: Winfrida Dominic

Winfrida Dominic was born on the 1st of January 1993. She is a Tanzanian supermodel and beauty contest titleholder who was awarded Miss Universe pageant winner 2012 in Tanzania. Winfrida acted on behalf of her nation at the Miss Universe contest in 2012. She was also scheduled to represent the United Republic of Tanzania in the Miss Supranational contest. Still, she backed out at the last minute due to her inability to obtain a visa for Poland.

Ms. Universe Tanzania 2012 & Ms. Universe 2012

Winfrida Dominic was crowned Ms. Universe Tanzania of 2012 on Friday, 29th of June 2012, in the National Museum Auditorium in Dar es Salaam. Other Tanzanian models crowned Bahati Chando won Ms. Earth Tanzania 2012, and Dorice Mollel won Ms. Tourism Queen Global Tanzania of 2012.

                          Achievements And Awards.
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Nelly Kamwelu

Ms Universe Tanzania



Taking over by Betty Boniphace

Tanzania Model: Nelly Kamwelu

Nelly A. Kamwelu [born 1993, age 29] is a Tanzanian supermodel and beauty pageant winner who won Ms. Universe Tanzania as well as Miss Southern Africa Global in 2011. Nelly represented her nation at the Ms. Universe in the 2011 pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ms. Global in 2011 in China, Ms. Earth 2011 in Manila, Philippines, as well as Ms. Tourism Queen Global in China.

She is the only beauty pageant queen in her nation who has participated in 4 Grand Slam Beauty contests [Ms. Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Ms. Tourism Queen Global] in the same year.


When Kamwelu was born, she was the daughter of a Tanzanian dad and a Russian mom. She started competing in regional beauty pageants in 2008. She was a 2nd-runner-up in the Ms. Ilala contest in 2008; after that, she competed in the Miss Tanzania pageant the same year, but she was unsuccessful.

Nelly has been in Tanzanian music videos and sang a song called “Say it to my face” before leaving for Miss Universe in 2011. While at the beauty pageant in So Paulo, Brazil, the song was dropped on the YouTube platform.

She also competed in Miss International in 2011 hosted in China as well as Miss Earth in 2011 hosted in Manila, in the Philippines, but she didn’t win either one of them.

Finally, she took part in the Ms. Tourism Queen Global 2011 pageant in Xian, China, where she came in fourth place.

Miss Universe Tanzania

At the fifth Ms. Universe Tanzania beauty contest in May 2011, Kamwelu took home the title and won the Ms. Universe Pageant 2011 in So Paulo, Brazil. Even though she didn’t win, her National Costume got a lot of attention.

Nelly succeeded the Ms. Universe Tanzania 2nd Runner-up to compete in Miss Global 2011. she also succeeded the 1st Runner-up upon her returning to Tanzania from Chengdu, in the Peoples Republic of China, to truly represent Tanzania in the Ms. Earth 2011.

She was selected to act on behalf of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Ms. Tourism Queen Global in 2011 near the year’s conclusion.

This accomplishment makes her the only beauty pageant contestant among Tanzania models to compete in 4 Grand Slam events in a single year.

Ms. Southern Africa Global

The TTB [Tanzania Tourist Board] sponsored Kamwelu to compete in the Miss Southern Africa Global pageant, which took place in Zambia [Ndola] as part of the Zambian Global Trade Fair. She won the primary title after defeating six other contenders, and she also took home the prize for Best Evening Dress.

Ms. Tourism Queen Global

At the year’s end [2011], Nelly went on to participate in the Ms. Tourism Queen Global in 2011, becoming her country’s first participant to shine in the pageant, finishing fifth in the finals.

Tanzania Model: Ida Ljungqvist

Ida L. is 41 years old; she was born on September 27th, 1981. She is a Tanzanian\Swedish supermodel who was the first African-born woman to be named Play-boy companion of the Month as well as the fiftieth Playfellow of the Year.


Sara J. Underwood, the 2007 Companion of the Year, discovered her at a Bebe Shop on Rodeo Road in Beverly Hills, LA, California. She was awarded Playboy’s Companion of the Month in March 2008 and Companion of the Year in 2009. She is just the 2nd Swedish model and the 1st African-born Beauty Contest Winner to be named Companion of the Year. Ida is also the 1st companion of the year to openly pledge her title to charitable work through NGOs and charities. Ljungqvist and many other playmates co-hosted the Playboy 2009 New Year’s Eve Party in Florida, USA.

Ljungqvist has been a partner with charity organizations like ”Empowerment Works”, a charitable international reliability think tank, since being elected Companion of the Year. Her responsibilities include fundraising and creating awareness about the charity.

Ida Ljungqvist
Ida Ljungqvist

Personal life

Ljungqvist was conceived to a Tanzanian mom and a Swedish dad in Tanzania. Ljungqvist traveled much as a result of her father’s UNICEF work.

She can communicate in Swedish, Swahili, and English. Ljungqvist earned a degree in marketing and fashion design and intends to pursue a degree in economics.

Ljungqvist wedded Joshua R. Lang in December 2007. In September 2008, Lang filed for a divorce. MSNBC news reported in November 2008 that they were fighting for custody of their dog Chihuahua.

Tanzania Model: Flaviana Matata

Flaviana Matata is the United Republic of Tanzanian beauty pageant queen and fashion supermodel who was born on the 9th of June 1987. Flaviana is one of the top 7 models in Africa and among Tanzanian models with the highest earnings, according to Forbes Africa in 2013. She was named one of the leading one hundred Ladies in Africa by in 2017.

Early life and education

Flaviana was born and bred in the Tanzanian town of Shinyanga. After her mother perished in the sinking on the 21st of May of the MV Bukoba in 1996, she was primarily raised by her father. She received her secondary schooling at KGMSS [Kowak Girls Mission Secondary School]. She then went on to Arusha Technical Institute to pursue a diploma in electrical engineering before competing in the Miss Universe pageant in Tanzania.

Miss Universe 2007

Matata was crowned Ms. Universe winner in Tanzania for the first time in 2007. She proceeded on to represent her nation at the Miss Universe contest the following year, where she was positioned among the top fifteen semi-finalists and finished sixth after the evening dress competition. Matata was among the first Tanzania models to compete in the Ms. Universe 2007, with her head shaved.

Modeling career

Russell Simmons spotted Flaviana and assisted her in securing interviews with modeling companies in the United States. She then signed with NEXT, an international modeling agency. She is now partners with The Lions New York, Next Europe [London, Milan, and Paris], Wilhelmina Models in the United States of America, as well as Boss Model in SA [South Africa]. Flaviana is currently based in NY [New York] and has been named one of Essence Magazine’s top ten Black Models, as well as the web publication Models and Moguls.

Flaviana has collaborated with a few of the industry’s most well-known fashion figures. Matata has also walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood, Mustafa Hassanali, Louise Gray, Tory Burch, Suno, and Macy, among others. Sally LaPointe, Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu, Charlotte Ronson, Rachel Roy, Holly Fulton, Alice Ritter, and Todd Lynn are just a few of the celebrities who have appeared in the Alexander McQueen homage film.

Matata is also a member of the Diesel Plus EDUN Africa campaign, a joint effort between the two companies to help African cotton producers. Flaviana is the lone African model in the campaign.

She has modeled for Diesel, Top Shop, Sherri Hill, Clarins, Cool Cotton, and Aerie, among other brands.

Flaviana is among the few Tanzanian models who have been featured in Grazia Italy and London, Marie Claire, Essence, French Revue De Modes, Nylon magazine, FA Japan, the Hunger editorial, Arise Magazine, The Vision [magazine] – China, Schon magazine, Elle magazine, as well as Dazed & Confused, L’Officiel, i-D Magazine, and Glass Magazine. Wilhelmina Models presently represents Matata.

Recognition, Awards, and Nominations

Years Events Prizes Work Results
2011 Fashion Magazine Arise Honours Year’s Best Model By Herself Winner
2012 Nigeria’s Next Top Model Award The Best Female supermodel of the year By Herself Winner
2012 Africa Diaspora Honours Face Of Africa By Herself Winner
2013 Swahili Fashion Week Honours The Philanthropist of the Year By Herself Winner
2016 Clouds FM Malkia Wa-Nguvu Honours Culture and Arts Lavy Products Winner
2018 International Women Gala Awards Most Inspirational Lady By Herself Winner

Tanzania Model: Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Hassan M. is a Tanzanian musician, model, entrepreneur, and socialite who was born on the 10th of December 1994.

Early life and education

Hamisa was born on the 10th of December 1994, in Mwanza, Tanzania, to a Muslim household and was always interested in music as a kid. After graduating from high school, she followed a career in music. She enrolled in MPST [Mabatini Primary School Tandika] before moving on to St. Kayumba.



In 2011, she competed in the Ms. Indian Ocean beauty pageant 2011, finishing as the second runner-up. That very same year, she finished second, prompting her to participate for Ms. Tanzania. In 2012, she competed in Ms. University Africa and finished in the top ten.

She was selected for the PCA [People’s Choice Awards] as well as Super Mom at the StarQt Global Awards in 2017.

She was named the year’s Best Female Stylist among Tanzanian models at the SFW [Swahili Fashion Week] Awards in 2018. In the same year, Hamisa was named Ms. Tanzania Beauty Contest host. She was shortlisted for Best Eastern African Lady Entrepreneur at the BEFFTA Honours the same year.

She was named the year’s Best Female Digital Model at the United Republic of Tanzania’s Digital Awards in December 2020.


In 2017, Hamisa was featured in a video for the popular tune ”Salome” alongside Diamond Platnumz.

“Madam Hero,” her debut song, was released in 2018. The single launched her career as a musician in the Bongo Flava sector, and it has since received over 2 million YouTube views. The same year, she dropped the single “Tunaendana.”

She founded her own music company, ”Mobetto Music”, in 2021.

Personal life

Mobetto previously had an affair with Francis Ciza, with whom she had Fantasy Majizzo, their daughter. She was then linked to artist Diamond Platnumz, with whom she had a handsome boy in 2017 named Deedalayan Abdul Naseeb. The pair later separated for unspecified reasons.

It was reported in September 2021 that she was dating American hip-hop artist Rick Ross.

Nominations and Awards

Years Award ceremony Prizes Results
2017 StarQt Global Awards PCA [People’s Choice Award] Shortlisted
2018 SFW [Swahili Fashion Week] Awards The Year’s Best Female stylish Winner
BEFFTA Awards Best East African Woman Entrepreneur Shortlisted
2020 Tanzania’s Digital Awards The Year’s Best Female Digital Model Winner

Tanzania Model: Miriam Odemba

Miriam Odemba is a United Republic of Tanzania model who was born in Arusha in 1983. Miriam began modeling at a very youthful age and rose to prominence after winning the Ms. Temeke award in 1997. The very next year, at the age of 15, she competed in Ms. East Africa 1998 as well as M-Net Africa’s Face 1998, finishing as a runner-up. Miriam later competed in the 1999 Elite Model Look and Ms. Earth 2008, where she won the Ms. Air title [1st Runner Up].

Her life was difficult when she was 13, and her parents were forced to relocate to their uncle’s house. She used to wonder what life really was all about. As she matured, she began to recognize God’s message of peace and love and appreciate everything around her, particularly nature, God’s ultimate gift not only to her but also to all of humanity.

Miriam’s journey to success began in 1997 when she participated in a small beauty pageant called Miss Temeke at the age of 14. Miriam went on to participate in the Ms. Tanzania title on a national level, but she finished in the top ten and was unable to win the title. However, this was only the beginning, as she went on to compete in other beauty contests with top pageant Tanzania models, including 1998’s Ms. East Africa. Miriam Odemba, however, received her big break at the conclusion of 1998 when she competed in an African continental model search, i.e., the 1998 M-net Face of Africa – and finished among the runners-up. She was chosen as EML [Elite Model Look] Tanzania in 1999, at the age of 16, and competed at the 1999 EML in Nice, France, ranking among the top seventeen. She also signed an exclusive deal with Elite Model Managers in NYC [New York City]. However, as a result of personal issues and the unexpected death of her manager, Amina Mongi, her deal with Elite expired without being fulfilled.

Miriam embarked on a new career in entertainment, briefly dancing and modeling in China and competing in the Ms. Kite beauty contest in 2001. Despite not getting the win, she went on to pursue a career as a model in Asia and Europe.

Ms. Earth 2008

Odemba was chosen as one of 16 semi-finalists who will compete for the crown of Ms. Earth in the grand finale of the 8th edition of the global beauty contest Ms. Earth. She received one of the 8 highest ratings in the swimsuit contest for her onstage chops, advancing her to the evening dress category among the top 8 finalists. She then broke away to take the lead, citing environmental problems as a crucial issue in her nation in her video interview, in which she moved to the final four.

The panel of four was posed one question in the final round: “What will you tell United states President-elect Mr. Barack Obama about the situation of the international environment if you ever met him?” She received the second-best score at the interview stage and was crowned Ms. Earth Air at the end of the competition.

Odemba also received a minor award called Ms. Aficionado. Ms. Philippines Karla P. Henry was crowned Ms. Earth 2008, Ms. Mexico Abigail Elizalde was crowned Ms. Earth-Water [2nd runner-up], and Ms. Brazil Tatiane Alves was crowned Ms. Earth-Fire [3rd runner-up]. Miriam returned to her home nation of Tanzania on the 24th of November. Maria, her deputy director, welcomed her home and organized a spectacular homecoming with a victory parade as well as a press gathering for her winning of Ms. Earth Air 2008.

On the 9th of November 2008, the Ms. Earth contest was held at Clark Expo Auditorium in Pampanga, Angeles, Philippines. 85 delegates arrived in the Philippines on the 19th of October 2008. The competition was broadcast live on ABS-CBN on a Filipino network, as well as in many other countries across the world via Filipino Channel, Star World, and other partner broadcasting networks.

Odemba’s best mate among the Ms. Earth 2008 top 4 runner-up champions—named after the 4 elements—is her competition flatmate Karla Henry, Ms. Earth 2008, a native of the Philippines. They intend to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro together.

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Angel Delight Kileo

Ms Tanzania Earth



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Evelyne Almasi

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 Pooja Chitgopekar

Ms Earth-Air



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 Sandra Seifert

Tanzania Model: Herieth Paul

Herieth Paul
Herieth Paul

Herieth Paul, a Tanzanian supermodel and a great spotlight of the Tanzanian models has walked for Lacoste, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Diane von Fürstenberg, Tom Ford, Armani, Calvin Klein, and Cavalli. Her mother was a diplomat; therefore, she relocated to Ontario, Ottawa, Canada, when she was 14 years old. During an open call, she was spotted at Angie’s Models and Talent international [AMTI], a modeling agency in Ottawa. In June 2010, she signed a deal with Women Model Management New York. Paul has featured in i-D, Vogue Italia, Wonderland, and Teens Vogue editorials. Paul was featured on the cover of Vogue Italia alongside Freja Beha and Arizona Muse.

Paul was the cover girl of Canadian Elle in July 2011. “Naomi, Move Over. Why We are too Hot For Herieth,” read the cover caption. Paul was among 3 models in Tom Ford’s Fall/Winter campaign of 2013, which Tom Ford pictured. and the Business of Fashion both called this campaign one of the ten leading campaigns of Fall 2013. Herieth has featured in cKone and Tom Ford’s beauty campaigns. Herieth obtained a contract with the cosmetics firm Maybelline NY [New York] in 2016, and she is now recognized as one of the label’s global spokespersons.

Personal life

Nsia, Paul’s mother, is a well-known figure in the community. Nsia Paul works for Tanzania’s High Commission in Ottawa as a diplomat. Happiness Floyd is her younger sister.

Since the conclusion of 2018, she has been dating Monywiir Deng Dharjang, a South Sudanese supermodel. They announced their pregnancy in May 2020, and their son Riael was born on the 10th of February 2021, according to Paul and Dharjang’s Instagram account.

Tanzania Model: Nancy Sumari

Nancy Abraham S. is the United Republic of Tanzanian novelist, business lady, and social entrepreneur. Nancy is the Director-General of Bongo5 Media Organization [T] Ltd, as well as the Chief Executive officer of The NSF [Neghesti-Sumari Foundation] as well as The Jenga Hub. She is also the author of the Nyota Yako children’s book series.

She was awarded one of the 100 Most Inspirational Young Africans by the Africa Youth Awards in 2017.

Early life and education

Nancy was born in the Tanzanian city of Arusha. She acquired her elementary as well as secondary schooling in Kenya, then went on to get a BSc diploma in business administration from Dar es Salaam University and a master’s degree in future leaders of industry and business from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Tanzania and Ms. World 2005

Nancy Joined the Tanzania models pageant superstars and was crowned Ms. Tanzania 2005 and went on to compete in Ms. World 2005, finishing in the top six and winning the title of Africa’s Continental Queen in the same year. This is Tanzania’s first and highest replacement at the Miss World contest.


Nancy is the owner and CEO of the NSF [Neghesti-Sumari Foundation], which uses technology, literature, and agriculture to generate profits through its programs and initiatives. She has been involved in a variety of societal programs, ranging from women’s empowerment to youth mentoring and advocating for better education.

Nancy is the author of two children’s books that have been published. ”Nyota Yako” a.k.a ”Your Star” is her debut book, which is written in the style of  poetry and sings the lyrics of famous Tanzania models who are productive in their positions. It is intended to encourage African girl children to pursue their aspirations.

Sumari’s 2nd book, HAKI, is a children’s book based on the Rights of The Child Bill of 2009, which encourages children to understand their rights.

Changing learning outcomes among kids and teenagers via ICT literacy programmes and employing design thinking approaches to produce value are some of her foundation’s activities, for which she received the ‘Tigo Digital Transformation Maker’ award in Tanzania.

Nancy is a part of the WEF [World Economic Forum’s] Global Shapers Forum, an International Village Fellow, a Nelson Mandela Washington Member in 2017, and a Barack Obama Leadership Africa 2019 fellow.

Personal life

Luca Neghesti is her husband, and they have a beautiful daughter named Zuri.

Nominations and Awards

Years Events Prizes Recipient Results
2005 Miss Tanzania Miss Tanzania 2005 By Herself winner
2005 Miss World Africa’s Continental Queen By Herself winner
2012 SWE [Swahili Fashion Week] Awards Female Stylish Individual By Herself winner
2017 Tigo Tanzania Honour Tigo Digital Difference Maker Jenga Hub winner

Tanzania Model: Irene Uwoya

Irene P. Uwoya [born on the 18th of December 1988] is the United Republic of Tanzanian producer, actress, and entrepreneur famous for her screen title Irene Uwoya and her role in the movie Oprah. Her professional career began in 2007, alongside other bongo film actors like Steven Kanumba, Vincent Kigosi, and others.

Early life

Uwoya, 34 years old, was born on the 18th of December 1988 in Dodoma, Tanzania. She began her schooling at Mlimwa College and later transferred to Bunge College in Dar-es-Salaam.

She then continued her secondary education at Greenville in Kampala, Uganda.

Personal life

In 2008, Irene Uwoya married Hamad Ndikumana, a Rwandan soccer player and skipper of the Rwandan national team, who tragically died. The pair had one child, called Krish, in 2011 and divorced a few years later. She remarried in 2017, this time around to Abdulaziz Chande, better known as Dogo Janja, a Bongo Flava singer.


In 2006, she competed in the Ms. Tanzania Beauty Contest and finished fifth; among other Tanzanian models like Wema Sepetu who was named Ms Tanzania 2006/07.

Irene began her acting career in 2007 with Bongo Movies. She has appeared in over 20 films, both in and outside of Tanzania.


Years Titles Roles Notes
2008 Yolanda Advocate    
Oprah Oprah    
Love Diversion      
2009 Shakira Shakira    
My Dreams      
Mid Night      
Peace of Mind Diana    
Damu Moja      
Pretty Girl Scola    
2010 Offside Alice    
Fair Decision      
2011 Senior Bachelor Nuru    
Kiapo Akida    
Eagle Eyes Rebecca    
Chupa Nyeusi      
Dj Ben      
2012 Ngumi ya Maria Maria    
Sobbing Sound Menina    
Bar Maid      
2013 Nyati      
Doa la Ndoa Winfrida    
Question Mark      
Zawadi Yangu Zawadi    
Nyota Yangu Jojo    
Last Card      
Money Talk      
Omega Confusion Omega    
2014 Omega’s Reincarnation Omega    
Rosemary Rosemary    
Who is My kid?      
Mikono Salama Aurelia    
Aliyemchokoza Kaja      
2016 Pain for Nothing Magreth    
Wake up      
2017 Bei Kali Tausi    


Year Title Role Notes
2017-2020 Sarafu Janeth screened on Dstv cable line “Maisha Magic-Bongo.”
2021 Haikufuma Natalia Screened on Azam Tv

Nominations and Awards

Years Events Prizes Recipient Result
2008 Tanzania Vinara Movie Awards Best Rookie Actress Love Diversion Winner
2013 Steps Entertainment Honours Best Lead Role Actress Bar Maid Winner
2015 Tanzania Movie Awards Best Supporting Actress Who is My kid? shortlisted
2021 Tanzania Movie Board Honours Best Actress – Popular Vote Haikufuma shortlisted

Apart from women, there are also numerous famous Tanzania male models but their industry and market is not big compared to women.

Other Important Things to Know About Modelling in Tanzania

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