List of Stations Served by Train Tanzania – TRC and TAZARA

List of Stations Served by Train Tanzania – TRC and TAZARA

Tanzanian railway stations are:

  • Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway
Railways in Tanzania
Railways in Tanzania

Maps of Stations of Trains Tanzania

Towns With Rail Service

Tanzania Railways Corporation

All lines are 1000 millimeter gauges

Central Line of Train Tanzania

  1. Dar es Salaam – former Tanzania’s capital – ocean port, eight-kilometer from TAZARA
  2. Ruvu (75 meters – Tanga line’s junction
  3. Morogoro (510 meters) – Junction heading to the North
  4. Gulwe (680 meters)
  5. Kilosa (572 meters) – junction heading south towards TAZARA
  6. Igandu (985 meters)
  7. Manyoni (1244 meters) – junction heading North towards Singida
  8. Dodoma (1148 meters)
  9. Itigo (1306 meters)
  10. Tobora (1212 meters)- junction heading north towards Mwanza
  11. Ikungu (1289 meters)
  12. Kailua (1112 meters) – junction heading south towards Mpanda
  13. Kigoma (775 meters) – port and terminal on Lake Tanganyika’s shores

Kidatu Line

  1. Not indicated on the map
  2. Kidatu ( 294 meters) – branch terminal – also served by TAZARA trains operating on a break-off gauge, including a transshipment facility for containers for the movement of freight between Tanzania Railways Corporation trains and TAZARA.
  3. Kilosa (572 meters) – junction

Mwanza Line

  1. Bukene (1188 meters)
  2. Tabora (1212 meters)- junction
  3. Isaka (1197 meters) – Dry port as well as a proposed junction line to Burundi and Rwanda
  4. Mwanza (1209 meters) – Lake Victoria’s inland port
  5. Shinyanga ( 1126 meters)

Mpanda Line

  1. Issuna (1423 meters)
  2. Manyoni (1244 meters) – junction
  3. Puma
  4. Ikungi (1532 meters)
  5. Singida (1122 metres) – branch terminal

Link Line

  1. Ruvu (75 meters)
  2. Morogoro (510 meters) – Central line junction
  3. Kitonga (65 meters)
  4. Korogwe (301 meters) – Tanga line junction
  5. Hale (184 meters) – junction
  6. Sidani (I meter)

Tanga Line: Kenya to Tanzania by Train

  1. Korogwe (301 meters) – junction towards the south
  2. Tanga (1 meter) – Ocean port
  3. Arusha (1254 meters) – Mining of soda ash
  4. Moshi (990 meters) – Junction leading to the north and Kenya. 
  5. Same (897 meters)
  6. Mkomazi (485 meters)

Proposed Extension of Train Tanzania

  • Proposed in September 2007
  1. Musoma (1172 meters) o the shore of Lake Victoria
  2. Arusha (1254 meters)
  1. Mwambani bay
  2. Tanga
  • 1435 milimetres gauge
  1. Singida
  2. Tanga
  3. Kampala
  4. Mutukula, Uganda
  5. Mutukula, Tanzania
  • Branch
  1. Musoma – a port on Lake Victoria
  2. Mutukula

Standard Gauge Train Tanzania: Tanzania Electric Train

  1. Dar es Salaam
  • Soga (51 kilometres)
  • Pugu (19 kiklometres)
  1. Ruvu (74 kilometers) – Junction found only on the old line
  • Ngerengere (135 kilometres)
  • Freight Yard (93 kilometers)
  1. Kigoma on the shores of Lake Tanganyika
  2. Mwanza (249 kilometers) – a city port on L.Victoria
  3. Isaka (133 kilometers) – dry port
  4. Tabora (294 kilometers)
  5. Makutupora (336 kilometers from the preceding station
  6. Dodoma – Tanzania’s capital
  7. Morogoro (294 kilometers)- termination of stage one, construction began in 2017 April

Mtwara Line (Defunct Southern Province Railway): Tanzania New Train Proposal

In 1949, a railway connecting the Tanganyika groundnut Tanzania train project plantations at Nachingwea to the port of Mtwara was constructed. The plan was notably put off in 1962. There have been proposals for a new rail line to connect Mtwara to the iron ore reserves in the west, maybe through Songea towards Liganga.

Unguja Island

A brief 610 millimeters (two feet) line in operation between 1879 and 1888

Mtwara (Rebuilt)

  1. Liganga (1210 meter) – iron ore
  2. Songea
  3. Mchuchuma – coal
  4. Nachingwea (380 metres) groundnut plan terminus
  5. Lindi (1 meter) – potential port
  6. Mtwara (1 metre) – Groundnut scheme port

TAZARA Railway

Train from Zambia to Tanzania

Train station in Makambako
Tanzania Train station in Makambako

Originally known as TanZam Railway, Tazara train from Tanzania to Zambia is a local passenger train serving the two countries of Tanzania and Zambia.

Had a 1067 millimeter gauge to match South African/Zambian networks

  1. Mngeta
  2. Mbingu
  3. Lwipa
  4. Ifakara (192 meters)
  5. Kiberenge
  6. Mang’ula
  7. Kidatu (294 meters) – A break-of-gauge link with Tanzania Railways Corporation is planned, as well as a trans-shipment facility for containers to facilitate the transport of freight containers between Tanzania Railways Corporation and TAZARA trains in Tanzania to zambia. on a brief branch.
  8. Kisaki (1292 metre)
  9. Mzenga (137 metres)
  10. Dar es Salaam – about 8 kilometers from TRC line – ocean port
  11. Vwawa (1274 meters)
  12. Mbozi
  13. Mbeya (1661 meters) – workshops
  14. Chimala
  15. Makambako
  16. Mlimba
  17. Chita
  18. Tunduma (1301 metres) Tanzania
  19. Mkushi, Zambia (1277 meter)
  20. Zambia/Tanzanian border- 
  21. Kasanga
  22. Mbeya junction

Rehabilitation of Train Tanzania

  • North-South Corridor scheme


1,000 millimeters and 1,067 millimeters are within close proximity of each other to allow for a 3-rail double gauge; a 4-rail double gauge is required. However, if you have a four-rail gauge, you may incorporate a 1,435-millimeter gauge (the standard gauge) at the expense of somewhat longer sleepers.

Container Port

Dar es Salaam’s container port is served with 1,000 millimeters and 1,067-millimeter rail gauge tracks.

South Africa to Tanzania Train

South Africa’s Rovos Rail offers travelers a luxury train experience between Capetown and Dar es Salaam. The Cape Town to Tanzania train trip aboard the Pride of Africa takes approximately fifteen days and covers a distance of 5,800 km.

The train from Tanzania to South Africa or Vice Versa, is considered one of the world’s most luxurious trains, and takes passengers on a 5,8000 km journey from Capetown, South Africa to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The train makes stops in some of Africa’s most iconic destinations, including Pretoria, the historic Matjiesfontein and Victoria Falls.

Rovos Rail’s deluxe train Tanzania is fully air-conditioned with en-suite bathrooms, and offers passengers a variety of amenities, including a bar, restaurant, and lounge area. Tanzania train tickets for the South Africa to Tanzania train can be purchased online.

Education and Training Policy in Tanzania

Education and training policy in regards to Tanzania train accident reduction has been formulated. The policy provides for the following:

  1. All train drivers and conductors must be properly trained and licensed.
  2. All new train drivers and conductors must undergo a period of supervised driving/conducting before being allowed to operate a train on their own.
  3. Regular refresher training must be provided for all train drivers and conductors.
  4. All trains must be regularly inspected and maintained before train travel in Tanzania.
  5. All level crossings must be properly marked and maintained.

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